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  • Install WordPress with one-click.
  • Use fully optimised WordPress hosting. (cPanel included).

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  • Servers optimised to meet WordPress's requirements
  • FREE Website Migration to seamlessly move your site
  • 1,000 Gbps DDoS protection to mitigate against attacks
  • 2 Checkout Merchant Accounts
  • Price-lock Guarantee for all WordPress Websites
  • Tier IV State-of-the-art Data Centres
  • C-Panel supported WordPress sites
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime all year long

Make Your WordPress Experience Extra-Ordinary

While WordPress is most often linked with blogging, one of the benefits of working with this CMS is that it’s incredibly useful for site administration. Just check out these impressive features:


  • One-click WordPress Install

    Set-up a new WordPress website in a few minutes, with our easy one-click set-up installer.

  • FREE WordPress Migration

    Any existing WP account will be migrated in 24 hours by our migration team - completely free!

  • Double-Lock Guarantee

    Give our hosting a spin with WordPress hosting price backed by 30-day money-back and price-lock guarantees!

  • 200+ Web Applications

    With the Softaculous fast installer in cPanel, you can install over 200 web apps in one click.

  • WebHost Manager and cPanel

    All of our packages include the best cPanel dashboard to make WordPress Hosting even easier.

  • Easy to Scale Up

    We understand that priorities shift. So, upgrade your WordPress cloud hosting plan without restriction.

Request Our Next-Level Managed WordPress Hosting

Get the most updated add-ons and platform features for the best all-in-one experience for your high-traffic website.

  • Completely redundant WordPress platform
  • Auto-scalability to handle traffic surges
  • Multi-level protection, plus auto-updates
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  • What’s WordPress Hosting?

    WordPress cloud hosting is when you buy website hosting for WordPress on fully optimised web servers. The server is optimised or configured for speed, efficiency, and security – all according to WordPress requirements. WordPress pays close attention to technical and security specifications. To make things super simple, Hosting UK’s WordPress hosting packages also provide a one-click WordPress installation, free WordPress migration and cPanel control panel.

    All the websites you've visited is stored on a server, which is a storage location for the files that make up the website you're viewing.

  • Why should I choose WordPress as my CMS?

    Everyone should be able to establish a presence on the internet. WordPress is not only simple to use, but it's also a reliable, safe, and constantly improving platform that caters to both novices and experts.

    WordPress is the most well-known blogging platform in the world. Whatever your web objectives are, WordPress has the tools, support, and services to help you achieve them. It is easy to use and highly beneficial when it comes to managing online administration. Don't worry about doing all the heavy lifting; we'll take care of servers for you. When it comes down to it, WordPress Hosting packages are simply convenient. Totally worth the investment.

  • Why should I choose WordPress Hosting from Hosting.uk?

    WordPress is the most common content management system, but it can be resource-intensive. That’s why Hosting.uk provides WP web hosting UK plans aim to address this by allocating resources to run the WordPress platform.

    All Hosting.uk's WordPress hosting packages run on servers that have been tweaked to ensure that WordPress websites run smoothly. We also handle WordPress software and security updates for you so you don't have to. Our WordPress Hosting is ideal for anyone who wants to benefit from the strength and convenience of WordPress without having to worry about technical details. And, of course, our award-winning customer service is available 24x7 to answer any questions you might have.

  • I'm new to the Blogging world. Can you help?

    WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform that can also be used to create websites. You can create blog entries for news, forums, and other topics, as well as build your site by adding additional pages to the WordPress administrator framework.

    Although we will gladly assist you with any server-related issues, we do not offer programming assistance. However, as you are probably aware, the WordPress community is large, and you can look through our official blog discussions for advice or helpful support posts.

  • Several WordPress modules exist. How do I choose the safest and most valuable one?

    First, prioritise your needs, and then choose the necessary plugins.

    Other useful plugins include Google Analytics for tracking your site visits and AddThis which allows your visitors to share your posts. Both plugins will assist you in and your blog's online exposure and promotion.

    Prepare to tackle annoying commentaries with a spam filter as soon as your blog becomes popular. To ensure there are no known problems or infections, use the WP Security Check module. Assess your priorities and then choose plugins that you need based on the greatest need.

  • How do I choose the best plan?

    If you're not planning on organising more than one WordPress site, go with the Beginner or advanced plan. With these flexible plans, you can upgrade to a professional more advanced plan like or Business or Ultimate packages anytime you want.

    Each plan allows you to create a set number of sites:

    • Beginner – 2 unique sites with 10GB disk space
    • Advanced – 5 unique sites with 25 GB disk space
    • Business – 10 websites and 100GB disk space
    • Ultimate – unlimited websites and unlimited disk space

    Additionally, you can create a hosting account with its own control panel to assist you in managing each new site you create. So, beginner or advanced plans are great for individual clients, while Business or Ultimate packages are perfect for companies.

  • How do I know if a managed WordPress is the right plan for me?

    Without a doubt. Managed WordPress has everything you need to create and develop a professional WordPress website, whether you are brand new to WordPress or a seasoned WordPress enthusiast.

  • What is managed WordPress?

    Fully Managed WordPress Hosting packages include automated upgrades to both your WordPress installation and the server environment. This guarantees that your website runs on the most up-to-date version of WP and reliable technology stack available.

    Managed WordPress hosting is a great choice if you want your web host to handle the technicalities like keeping your website up to date and stable so you can concentrate on your content.

    Our managed WordPress service runs on our advanced WordPress cloud hosting framework which we maintain 100%.

    What are the benefits of managed hosting?

    • Improved performance
    • Platform-specific support
    • Scalability as your site expands

    WordPress shared hosting is also a common site solution with its own set of advantages. Shared WordPress Hosting can be a good place to start if your website is brand new. While it typically has fewer features than managed hosting, such as limited server space, performance, applications, and support options, it allows you to develop your site and create an audience before upgrading — and at a lower cost.

    So, when deciding on a strategy, begin where you are. Are you new to website development and looking for an easy, low-cost alternative, or do you already have a successful site that requires advanced support and features? Whatever the circumstances, consider the various options based on your specific requirements.

  • Is the version of WordPress you offer different from others?

    No, it isn’t. However, we'll install the most recent edition of WordPress, which you can get from WordPress.org. And if an update is available, we will install it for you automatically. With us, you'll never have to think about another update or running an obsolete or corrupted version of WordPress again.

  • How can I get started after purchasing WordPress Hosting?

    Are you unsure how to start a blog or build a website using WordPress? We’ve got you covered.

    Your hosting plan is already integrated with the most recent version of WordPress, so all you have to do is log in and start building a site right from your control panel. Are you having trouble logging in? See "How do I gain access my WordPress installation?" for more details.

    If you have any concerns, please contact our award-winning support team. Our WordPress experts will assist you with the development, updating, and promotion of your website or blog.

  • How do I gain access to my WordPress installation?

    You can log in to your WordPress website or blog in a variety of ways.

    • Go to Hosting.uk, sign in to your account.
    • Select your active services. This is where your website url is and you can easily access your WordPress site here.
    • If you’re more familiar with cPanel, you can also login to your cPanel area and access WordPress from the list.
    • Finally, you can get to the Admin login screen by typing https://coolexample.com/wp-admin, where coolexample.co.uk is the domain name.
  • How can I start with WordPress?

    Are you ready to get started with WordPress? As previously stated, there are no fancy instruments, high-end budgets, or technological skills needed to get started. Users can make adjustments at any time and from any location as long as they have internet connectivity to connect to the administrative panel.

    As a result, you can use it at home, at work, or while travelling. WordPress hosting cost does not have to be prohibitively high. We offer completely optimised WordPress hosting packages for only £24 a year to users on a tight budget.

    1. Decide on a domain name. Your domain is the one-of-a-kind web address for your website, such as YourName.com or WeLoveBuns.com. You catch my drift. You can purchase domain names from either a domain registrar or a web hosting company like us — we're both! Having your domain registration and web hosting account in one place makes it much easier to manage your online presence.

    2. Invest in WordPress hosting. To send your site's data and files to anyone who visits your domain name, you'll need access to a web server via a web host. Hosting UK also offer a range of WordPress packages depending on the type of site you want to build as well as your website's specific needs and goals. Do you need a high-end hosting account for your website? We've got your back.

    3. Install WordPress on your computer. Yes, you can sit back and relax by selecting one of four powerful Hosting.uk WordPress hosting packages; there's no need to do anything special. If you go with shared hosting, you'll have the option to add WordPress as well. Of course, you can use our one-click download option to install it later. It's that easy!

    4. Customise your website to represent your company's identity. Apply extra functionality to your website by using a good theme and a few plugins. Start with the basics. You can add to your collection over time.

    5. Begin creating content for your website, such as blog posts and web pages. Give your guests a reason to interact with you on your website.

    See what we mean? It's not difficult to get started with WordPress. You didn't even have to work up a sweat!

  • Is it possible to switch my WordPress hosting to Hosting.uk?

    Yes. With only a few clicks, you can switch your site to Hosting.uk WordPress Hosting. Contact our support to request a transfer. We can also transfer your domain name or a temporary domain, then give your account a fast analysis before publishing.

*For more FAQ web hosting questions, see Hosting.uk’s complete web hosting FAQ.

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