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Streaming Services

What is a Virtual Private Network?

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN (Virtual private network) is an encryption software that lets you connect through a secure tunnel online to protect your identity, hide your IP address and block tracking. VPNs work to keep the internet secure, private and most importantly open for all users. Surf the web, stream and download content on a secure VPN without leaving a trace today!

VPN Perks You Absolutely Want

Hosting.uk gives you the privacy and security you need to safely explore the Internet.

All Your Gadgets – One VPN

Hosting.uk’s VPN covers all your devices with just one subscription. Connect up to six unique devices at the same time. Secure your phone, tablet, PC, and connect where ever and whenever you want. It’s fully compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and even your home router. On-the-go, no worries, just make sure you connect to public WIFI’s with your VPN app.

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Use a VPN, Stay Safe Online

Block cyber-attacks and unsolicited tracking with a private and secure VPN.

  • VPN Leak-Proof Security

    Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you the security you need to safely browse the Web even from a public network. With AES-256 data encryption and SHA-256 hash validation, your data is protected from hackers and other unwanted access such as those pesky little telemarketers.

  • Browse in stealth-mode

    Our VPN lets you roam the web undetected by VPN detection systems giving you access to all your favourite content no matter your location. Get perpetual VPN access for steaming, games, downloading and watching content when you want. Bypass VPN detection software and browse as organic traffic on Hosting.uk’s VPN.

  • Unlimited access to over 40 servers

    We are equipped with over 40 VPN servers throughout 30 countries which we optimise regularly in order to guarantee one of the fastest worldwide networks for VPN. We strategically place our servers across the world to ensure you enjoy the fastest network and are able maintain online security and anonymity. All you need to do is to select the server of choice.

  • We Never Log Data

    VPN works to protect your privacy and hide your online identity, and by extension your activity. Logging data usage and activity goes against the nature of VPNs and we get that. That’s why we never log or track your activity.

  • Ultra-fast VPN Connectivity

    Rip through the web on the fastest VPN service and enjoy your favourite activities on the go. Perfect for private data transfers, remote work, gaming, online streaming, downloading and uploading content. Get uninterrupted, secure and private browsing on our cutting-edge VPN service in the UK.

  • PPTP & L2TP

    Get a VPN backed by PPTP (point to point tunnelling) & L2TP layer two tunnelling) for your secure online connection. PPTP works to initiate a secure connection, but alone it risks detection by VPN tracking software. L2TP let’s you trick these systems and renders your browsing undetected.

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A service is nothing without reliable customer support. Our experts are available to guide you in all your VPN-related issues at any time and from anywhere.

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VPN Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your burning VPN service questions.

  • What are virtual private networks for?

    Virtual private networks commonly called VPN work to provide secure internet browsing for everyone online. The technology behind VPN is end-to-end encryption which conceals a user’s IP address rending the user invisible. VPNs work not only to mask IPs, but also helps to create an open internet while fighting against, cyber-attacks, middle man tracking, spamming, geo-blocking, government tracking, ad blocking and much more. It’s the ultimate virtual security for remote workers, companies and personal use. Never worry about hackers’ interference, get a VPN today.

    Learn more about VPNs on Hosting.uk blog. Click here for VPN articles.

  • What’s included in my Hosting UK VPN plan?

    • No-Logging and Secure browsing
    • Private Downloading
    • Access to over 40 servers in over 30 countries
    • VPN software and OpenVPN
    • Stealth VPN mode
    • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
    • Multiple device connection

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  • What are the key advantages of using a VPN?

    VPN service is the leading platform to guarantee private browsing over a secure and encrypted tunnel. This helps to thwart cyber-attacks that pry on unaware web users for malicious gain.

    Using a VPN means:

    • You take your privacy seriously
    • You protect your data over public and private WIFI
    • Your data gets an added layer of security for online shopping or banking
    • You protect clients and business data for freelance and remote work
  • Do you provide a guarantee for your VPN service?

    We know that you will enjoy using the safest and fastest VPN Service so we are offering a 7-day money-back guarantee risk-free trial. We place your privacy and safety above all else and know that nothing beats being able to test a service before making a commitment. Start your trial today!

  • Which devices can I use this VPN service on?

    Hosting.uk’s VPN is suitable for just about every device. It’s fully compatible for Media or Game consoles, PC, tablets and mobile phone devices running on macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and even your home router.

  • Can a bank transfer or cryptocurrency be used to add credit?

    Yes, you can choose the payment gateway of your choice at the checkout.

  • Do you log?

    No, we do not log.

  • Is the Bandwidth for the accounts unlimited?

    Yes, since we do not log, the bandwidth is unlimited.

  • Is there a VPN username connection limit?

    Yes, one VPN username can only have 5 simultaneous connections.

  • What protocols are supported by your system?

    Our system supports IKEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, IKEv2, and PPTP.

  • What are the remote and local IDs for IKEv2?

    The server address and the VPN username are the Remote ID and Local ID respectively.

  • What is the L2TP/IPsec secret?


  • What type of servers do you use?

    We have all our servers connected on a 1 Gbps port.

  • How secure is your service?

    Our service is very secure as our VPN servers are fully encrypted with the latest protocols.

  • What can I do in case of low network speeds?

    You can connect to a server which is closer to you or switch the port/protocol in the software.

  • Why am I missing a server location?

    You may need to request the desired server location. We will try to add it as soon as possible.

  • P2P and torrents on what server?

    You can connect with any server and use them for P2P or torrents.

  • Do you offer full technical support?

    Yes. We provide all our clients with comprehensive Customer Support for each subscription. Plus, you get access to 24/7 customer support from our expert team regarding all your VPN-related inquiries.

*For more frequently asked web hosting questions, see Hosting.uk’s complete web hosting FAQ.