Sectigo SSL Multi-Domain Certificate

Domain-authenticated SSL for up 250 websites, with 2 additional SAN.

Sectigo SSL Multi-Domain Certificate

Sectigo SSL Multi-Domain/UCC offers one of the best SSL/TLS certificate options to companies that want to consolidate certificate management on multiple websites. The Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL/UCC can be used with any server, even the notoriously tricky Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications servers. You can manage up to 250 domains with one SSL certificate and is a dream for corporate IT administrators. It comes with a $500K warranty as well as a 30-day guarantee.



Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate Features

Brand Sectigo
Domains 3
Fantastic for Personal
Validition DV
Secures +
Local domains 1
Mobile support
Assurance Low
Refund 15 days
Warranty 500,000
Browser support 99,9%
Reissues Unlimited at no extra cost
Key length 2048 - 4092-bit
Encryption Maximum 256 bits

Six Benefits of Sectigo Multidomain SSL Certificates

Domain Validation

Sectigo SSL Multidomain require domain validation. This means that they must pass a simple domain check before being issued. This process can be done fully automatically and takes only seconds.

Domain Security

Sectigo exceeds or meets all NIST and CA/B Forum standards in encryption with this certificate. You can choose to use 256-bit ECDH or a 2048-bit RSA key for the Sectigo SSL Multi-Domain/UCC.

Warranty: $500,000

Sectigo SSL Multidomain certificates are backed by a $500,000 warranty. This covers Sectigo in the event of a failure that results in financial loss.

Site seal included

Sectigo Secure site seal ranks among the most highly regarded trust marks on the web. It is synonymous for security and trust. Independent research has shown that a well-placed seal can increase conversion rates and click-throughs.

Multi-Domain Support & SAN

Sectigo Multidomain certificates are able to secure up 250 domains using one certificate. This reduces administrative and cost burdens.

Return Policy

We want to ensure that you have the SSL product that you require. That’s why we offer a 30-day return policy on every SSL certificate.

FAQ for Sectigo SSL Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

  • What is an SSL certificate?

    SSL Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology that allows encrypted communication between web browsers and web servers. It is used by millions1Individuals and online businesses can work together to reduce the risk of sensitive information being stolen or tampered with (e.g. credit card numbers, usernames passwords emails, etc.).

    Identity thieves and hackers can steal or alter your information. SSL is essentially a private conversation between two parties. This secure connection can be created by installing an SSL certificate. The "digital certificate", also known as a "digital cert", is installed on a website server and serves two purposes:

    It verifies the website's identity (this ensures that visitors are not visiting a fake site).

  • What should I do before I receive my DV certificate

    These certificates can be issued in minutes because they have the simplest verification process of SSL certificates. DV certificates can be obtained quickly, but they are not as trusted as the other validation levels.

  • Do all SSL certificates have the same characteristics?

    No. There are many types of SSL certificates. They can be based on how many domain names or subdomains you own, such as:

    Single- One fully qualified domain name or subdomain is secured

    Wildcard- One domain name is covered and unlimited subdomains

    Multi-Domain- secures multiple domain names

    The level of validation required, such as:

    Domain validation - This level covers basic encryption as well as verification of ownership of domain name registrations. This certificate is usually received within a few hours.

    Validation of Organization - In addition to the basic encryption and verification that the domain name registration is registered, authenticated details about the owner (e.g. name and address) will be provided. It can take a few hours or several days for this type of certificate to be issued.

    Extended Validation (EV) - This certificate provides the highest level of security due to the rigorous examination performed before it is issued. The guidelines established by the SSL industry's governing consortium are strict. The legal, physical, and operational existence of an entity are all verified. It usually takes several days to receive this type of certificate.

  • What does an SSL certificate do?

    To establish secure connections via the Internet, trust certificates can be used. To circumvent malicious parties that happen to be traveling to the target server, a certificate is necessary.

  • What is CSR?

    The certificate signing request is the first step towards obtaining your SSL/TLS certificate. The CSR is generated on the same server where you intend to install the certificate. It contains information such as common name, organization, country and more that will be used by the Certificate Authority (CA).

  • How can I create a CSR?

    It is recommended that before you order SSL certificates, you create a Certificate Signing request (CSR). Find out more about SSL certificates

    CSRs are an encrypted file that allows you to send Sectigo certificate public keys in a standard way. They also contain information that uniquely identifies your company as well as your domain name. Most server software will ask for the following information when you create a CSR: Common name (e.g., company name and location (country/state/province/city/town), key type (typically RSA) and key size (2048-bit minimum).

    Don't worry if you're not sure of your exact location or company name when you create the CSR. We can modify and finalize this information during our review before we issue the certificate.

    After your CSR has been created, copy it and paste it in the online order form to buy your SSL certificate.

*For more information about SSL certs, visit's FAQs for more about SSLs.

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