Rapid SSL Wildcard Certificates

RapidSSL Wildcard DV! Secures one domain quickly and economically, as well as unlimited subdomains.

Rapid SSL Wildcard Summary

RapidSSL®, a leader in providing fast and simple SSL certificates to a top-level domain and unlimited sub-domains. This certificate is affordable and offers standard encryption up to 256 bits. It is also one of the most widely used Domain Validated (DV), wildcard SSL certificates around the globe. This certificate is known for its lightning-fast issuance and unbeatable price. It’s also recognised by 99+% browsers.

RapidSSL wildcard SSL certificates are a great solution for websites at entry level that need to protect one domain (both non-www and www) as well as their subdomains (i.e. hosting.uk, mail.hosting.uk, admin.hosting.uk, retail.hosting.uk, etc.)



RapidSSL Wildcard Certification Product Features

Brand RapidSSL
Domains 1
Great for Personal
Validition DV
Secures www.site.com + site.com
Local domains
Mobile support
Assurance Low
Refund 15 days
Warranty 10,000
Browser support 99,9%
Reissues Unlimited
Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
Encryption 256-bit industry-standard

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate Characteristics

Domain Validation

DV certs are cost-effective, quick and easy to install. This domain control validation (DCV) can be completed in a matter of minutes. A static trust seal, or trust mark, will be available for download.

Domain Security

It provides a basic level security for the standard DV issued certificates. This has prominent visual markers for site visitors like showing https and activating the padlock icon in web browsers.

Warranty of $10,000

This product comes with a $10,000 Warranty. RapidSSL will compensate victims or end users of sites that were not properly validated, secured, and/or issued to fraudulent sites by this Certificate Authority (CA).

Free Sectigo Site Seal

This wildcard cert allows you to display an Sectigo Site Seal. This show that your website is protected with this well-respected SSL brand. It prominently shows "Secured By RapidSSL®." 

Multi-Domain Support & SAN

RapidSSL wildcard protects one domain and unlimited subdomains. For example, this certificate will secure www.hosting.uk and all subdomains that are .hosting.uk (mail.hosting.uk, admin.hosting.uk, server.hosting.uk, etc.

Mobile Compatibility

Though this wildcard is compatible with mobile, some older mobile devices and browsers may not recognise it by default. For more information, see FAQ below.

FAQ for RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates

  • Is the RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate essential for website security?

    Yes! RapidSSL Wildcard certificates protect all subdomains, replacing the asterisk. Wildcard is used to secure 3rd-level subdomains. For example, the certificate for *.zonat.com secures the subdomains mail.zonat.com, autodiscovery.zonat.com and others.

    The Wildcard certificate issued for third-level domain *.zonat.com also protects the second-level base domain zonat.com However, this does not apply to asterisks on a lower-level domain (*.something.zonat.com does not secure something.zonat.com).

    • RapidSSL wildcard certificate is designed to protect the website and unlimited subdomains.


  • What is RapidSSL Wildcard and how can I get it?

    RapidSSL Wildcard TLS certificate is our most affordable Wildcard TLS. This TLS certificate can be issued in just minutes thanks to domain validation (DV). This certificate is called a "Low authenticated", and it only contains information about the domain. However, it does not contain any company details. RapidSSL Wildcard can be used on unlimited servers and subdomains. It does not support SANs, but it is valid for one subdomain and one base domain.

  • What is RapidSSL Wildcard?

    Wildcard SSL Certificates cannot be used to protect subdomain addresses of the main domain to which they are issued. It protects only one subdomain level by default. Your certificate *. Abc.com will protect subdomains at the same level.

    It's easy to purchase:

    • Choose your SSL certificate
    • Add item to your cart
    • Pay your bill
    • Click on "Generate Certificate Now"
    • Your CSR should be processed
    • The validation process is completed
    • The certificate will be sent to you via email
    • Install the certificate on your web server

    Ask an SSL Expert at our website for support if you need further assistance.

  • What are the main benefits of a RapidSSL wildcard certification?

    First off, it’s a standard SSL with strong 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption. You also get unlimited sub-domains for the lowest prices. Your base domain can be both a www and a non-www version. So there’s no need for a chained installation, recognised by 99 percent of web browsers. Setup includes two-step online validation. Here are a few perks of this service:

    • All year round,
    • SSL issued immediately.
    • Bundle certificates offer a maximum lifespan of four years
    • RapidSSL site seal FREE
    • 15-day risk-free refund policy.
    • If you require assistance with installation, we can help
    • RapidSSL offers a $10,000 guarantee
    • Unlimited server licenses
    • Unlimited reissuance throughout the life of your SSL Certificate
  • Which mobile browsers and devices is this SSL compatible with?

    This basic wildcard SSL certificate does not have full mobile compatibility. However, some modern browsers and devices recognise it as default. You might want to consider a more mobile-friendly security solution if your customers will be accessing your website from a mobile device, such as a tablet or smart phone. If you’re looking for full mobile functionalities as our SSL support which SSL is right for you.

    Here’s a list of compatible OS:
    Client OS: Vista, Xp, 2000, Linux OS, Mac OSX, Snow Leopard, Windows 7.
    Server OS: Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, Novell, etc
    Web Servers: Apache and Tomcat, IBM. HTTP, Weblogic. Cobalt. Microsoft IIS7. II6
    E-Mail Servers: Smarter Mail, Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 Lotus Dominos, etc.
    Control Panels: Ensim. Plesk6+. Hsphere. Helm. DotNet Panel. And more.
    Proxy, Routers, Firewalls: Microsoft ISA 2004, ISA 2006, CISCO, etc.

    RapidSSL WildCard SSL browser compatibility:

    • Chrome - 3 & All
    • Firefox 1 & All
    • IE 5 & All
    • Opera 7 & All
    • Netscape 9 & All
    • AOL 10 & All
    • Safari All Browsers
  • Which subdomains are protected by a Wildcard certificate?

    All subdomains are protected by Wildcard certificates instead of the asterisk. Wildcard is used to secure third-level subdomains. For example, the certificate for *.zonat.com secures the subdomains mail.zonat.com, autodiscovery.zonat.com and others.

    The Wildcard certificate issued for a third-level domain *.zonat.com also protects the second level base domain zonat.com However, this does not apply to asterisks on a lower-level domain (*.something.zonat.com does not secure something.zonat.com).

  • Why use a RapidSSL certificate?

    RapidSSL Wildcard certificate is flexible and affordable solution that allows you to secure unlimited sub-domains using one certificate. RapidSSL has an automatic authentication process. This means that you will get your certificate in a matter of minutes. RapidSSL certificates are domain-verified SSL certificates that can secure domains with 256 bit encryption in less than a minute. RapidSSL Wildcard can be easily installed on any web server and allows for the addition of subdomains. We can summarise the reasons here.

    • Most trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
    • Secure SSL Solution at a Reasonable Price
    • SSL Certificates that are domain verified (DV)
    • Installing SSL certificates takes only minutes
    • Transparency and trust can be increased
    • Browser and user friendly

    Get SSL/TLS setup tools

    • Select the Multi-year option to save
    • Technical support by email and web available at no cost
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • No paperwork is required
    • Multiple subdomains can be secured
    • Registration and setup are easy
    • Up to 256 bits encryption
    • RapidSSL Site Seal is available free of cost
    • 99% browser support
    • Warranty of $10,000
    • Support for refactoring
  • What exactly is CSR?

    Before we can issue SSL Certificates the certificate requester must submit a Certificate Signature Request (CSR) for a domain name to your web server. The standard way to send your private key to the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) is through CSR. This pair is done on the server using a secret key.
  • Where can I find the CSR to generate a Wildcard certificate?

    In just a few steps, you can generate a CSR code. First go to your cPanel to set it up. Access system security, then proceed to administrative tools. From here you need to select the Internet Information Services (IIS) manager. Then follow the steps to complete the prompt.

    Enter the information about your organization. In the appropriate fields, you must enter correct and current information.

    CN – Common Name, O–Organization Name, OU–Organ Unit, L–Location, ST State or Province, C-Add Country code, Email address, Root Length (Select 4096/2048). After you have filled out the information, the CSR Code will be generated.

*For more frequently asked SSL questions, see Hosting.uk's extensive web hosting FAQ.

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