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Let us Break Down the Plan 

  • Diagnose your website for weak areas! Get expert proposals and custom reports right away. Create and use a customised and detailed SEO guide. It is self-explanatory and has clear guidelines.
  • Make a quick review of all the live scans and compare results after completing guided tasks.
  • Have frequent automatic scans on your website or just manual scans on your own when you need to check your website’s performance. Logo

What does the SEO Tool do?

Understanding SEO issues on your website


SEO is the lifeline of any website’s advertising mix. It is the pipeline by which a website brings its products and services on the screens of its target customers. Using our SEO tool, you will outrank the competition and top the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) in your niche. 

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An In-Depth Review of your Site 


Start by generating a Free SEO report with our tool to show how the website is performing across various essential SEO categories such as the speed of your site, keyword rankings, social activity, content mix and website responsiveness. Plus, it checks on 404 pages, links and content examination, among others. 

The SEO Tool gives you instant results of all these technical issues of your website from an expert perspective. It is an on-page report that generates easy-to-read tips (in plain English), industry jargon free. Therefore, you will not need an SEO expert to explain what needs to be done to improve your website – You are the expert with this tool! 

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Use to improve your Site’s Ranking


There are several excellent methods that our tool uses to improve your site’s ranking in the SERPs. Our tool is an industry-leading innovation and ideal for organisations and individuals with a website. Here is why:  

  • Social Media Optimisation: It helps increase your web-based productivity. You are also able to engage more with your prospects and customers by answering their questions and responding to their comments. 
  • Content Optimisation: Use our tool to optimise your blog content, the website copy. Fix the URLs, sub-titles and meta tags too, among others. 
  • Enhance the website ranking cost-effectively: Cut the costs associated with advanced SEO by using The tool allows you to build legitimate and loyal followers on the internet. Increased website's traffic from organic traffic help increases your sales volume.
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  • Will my subscription auto-renew after ending? 

    Yes, it will. If you have an annual plan, it renews after ever year while the monthly plan renews at the beginning of a new month.

  • I have absolutely no prior knowledge of this SEO stuff. I am blocked please help.

    Our SEO tool is built for clients like you who have little or knowledge in SEO. You may find the SEO improvements abstract at first. However, they will become clear as you continue using the tool. We have gone to great lengths to explain anything that feels excessively technical. Moreover, you can send us any SEO question and will be glad to help! 

  • Will my competitors know that I am spying on them? 

    No. When you monitor your competitors, there is no way they can know you are spying on them. You are the only one that sees the data that our tool generates.

  • Unprecedented Service 

    Let us improve your website. We have expert support on hand to help you implement SEO tool if needed. We are available 365 days a year, including holidays to provide assistance.

  • What can you achieve with our SEO Tool?

    • You can develop a strong marketing mix that gives you an understanding of your customer needs through information delivered from leading SEO crawlers
    • Use of accurate keywords regarding complexity and volume 
    • Use a custom keyword list for the search bots, competitor and others
  • What does our Do-It-Yourself SEO Tool Do?

    • It drives organic traffic to a given website
    • Improves a website’s ranking on popular SERPs like Google
    • Lets you enhance website’s visibility and boosts traffic which positively impacts sales volumes

*For more frequently asked SEO questions, see’s complete web hosting FAQ.

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