Unlimited Reseller Hosting UK Plans

Get paid, create your own cPanel Web Hosting Business. Get UK Reseller Hosting at prices designed for maximum earnings.

  • Cutting-Edge Hosting Network
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Optional WHMCS Billing & Management Software

* Pick your free domain: .co.uk, .uk, .me.uk, .com, .net or .nl with an annually hosting plan

+ VAT if applicable

With unlimited Reseller Hosting UK plans you win!

  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Sub Domains
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNRESTRICTED Domain Reseller Account
  • PRIVATE Name Servers
  • Pay as you go cPanel accounts
  • UNLIMITED SSL Certificates


Benefit from unlimited Reseller Hosting.uk suited for all your business needs! Even try our No‑risk 30‑day money‑back guarantee.

Automate your Operations

You can automate the daily operations of your business and save lots of time. In one simple & easy‑to‑use portal, you can manage your tasks including all your subscriptions.

Free transfer of your websites

Let our Hosting.uk stellar migration team handle the transfer of your websites to our hosting platform. We provide 24-hour transfers for all sites and give free cPanel to cPanel site migration.

Advance security you can trust

Rest assured that your data is super safe under our protection when you buy our web hosting reseller packages. Industry leading security software to secure our servers is our mark. They are even managed and maintained by qualified professionals.

Business management now easy

Get your own billing system when you buy reseller web hosting plans. Features include creation of invoices, customer self-service portals, control of accounts receivable, and more. You can even automate your billing system that manages the customers’ life cycle.

Premium UK Reseller Hosting Plans Include

Your customers will notice the awesome performance and ease-of-use. You will feel driven by the power, automation and support from the dedicated reseller client representatives.

  • Get ahead with white‑labelled control panel

    Stand out from the rest by giving your clients their own login access to their control panels. This feature isn’t available with ordinary shared hosting plans.

  • Keep your brand with white‑label nameservers

    With the capacity to customise your own DNS and nameservers without doing all the work to maintain a professional brand, your business is set to advance further.

  • Install over 400 apps in 1‑click

    With Softaculous, you can effortlessly install 400+ apps in 1-click and this includes Joomla, WordPress and more. Softaculous takes care of the installation, update of the scripts and backup.

  • Free SSL certificates for all websites

    Offer your customers SSL encryption security for their website with free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. Required for ecommerce sites.

  • Multiple Backup for Free

    Secure your data with our daily BACKUP of your databases, emails, website and logs. Plus, we offer 5-day Backup retention and FULL monthly Backups!

  • Manage all your websites and domains under one roof

    With ease, manage your clients and their websites from one dashboard. You can even provide your clients with their own dashboard under your brand!

Reseller Plans Driven by WHMCS

WHMCS streamlines and automates the operations of your hosting reselling business. Here lies the secret behind an easy and profitable way to grow your web hosting business. It equips you with everything you need to start profiting from your web hosting and domain business which is why Hosting.uk’s Reseller Hosting is driven by Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS).

WHMCS is an automation tool that make things easier and automates operating an online web hosting and domain registration reselling business. Here are a few benefits of WHMCS:

  • Customise hosting packages based on configurable resources
  • Accept payments through all popular payment processors in a variety of currencies
  • Automate invoicing, payment reminders, or restrict services for non-payment
  • Display your hosting plans on your branded storefront where you can choose from a variety of professionally-designed templates
  • Get paid the way you want with desired pricing option whether it be a time purchase, subscription, term discounts or free trials
  • Produce customer profiles and generate reports on monthly revenue, forecasting, and invoice status
Select Your Reseller Hosting Plan

Boldly resell high-performance hosting to clients

For the best web hosting reseller packages, look no further. Offerings include cPanel Web Hosting plans with Free WHMCS billing platform to manage your accounts. Plans include great addons like our website backup, website monitoring and SEO tools. Here’s more:

A Control panel – cPanel
cPanel is popularly used as a tool for backend administration interface. You can manage your websites like a pro with its high-quality user-end interface and server-side management interface with WHM. And it’s packed with features that improve your overall web hosting experience:

  • Outfitted with leading website building tools
  • Auto-Installer incorporated with 400+ scripts
  • Sophisticated security for enhanced protection
  • Creates fast and easy email accounts
  • Contains a Multi-language interface
  • Carries Double Authentication
  • Effortlessly build and maintain databases
  • Supervise Domain Names easily from on dashboard

Manage your client accounts

Here is how it works, when a new account is created, you gain access with the option of purchasing and managing products on your customer’s behalf. You also get all the right tools like cPanel and a free WHM license to succeed. Just keep building relationships and trust with your clients and rest assured that you are supported by the best cloud reseller hosting UK package with WHMCS provided by Hosting.uk.

With a Free WHMCS billing platform which all our reseller plans come with, you can manage your accounts and receive payments. You even get some amazing addons such as: domains, website backup, and SEO tools.

The authority to decide your income

We designed all our cloud Reseller Hosting UK Plans to ensure you run a profitable business. It is not commissioned-based so you are your own boss! You have the capacity to decide how much profit you make off each product!

Products are already white labelled, just add your logo, market your brand and sell to your customers. Here you’ll find the best Reseller Hosting plan prices tailored to fully house all your demands. We also back you with 24 hours priority support.



  • How does Hosting.uk Reseller Hosting UK plans Work?

    Hosting.uk is a global website Hosting supplier that also rents top-notch server space housed at tier IV data centres. We set up wholesale reseller plans equipped with WHMCS, WHM and cPanel to aid web hosting reseller to make maximum profits reselling our services. What’s more you can do it at a ridiculously cheap price. Here’s how it works:

    After you have rented the space, it is then up to your business to rebrand and repurpose this existing service. To rebrand hosting services under your unique brand name is - White Label Hosting.

    You market it for a price that you set. You also become an endorsed hosting supplier when you resell webhosting with us. The best part is, Resellers don't need to maintain or manage servers! That’s where hosting.uk support comes in. We take care of our high-performance servers while you can focus on your business goals. Signup for the best Reseller Hosting plan now!

  • What Reseller Website Hosting is?

    Reseller hosting, equips entrepreneurs with the opportunity to start their own web hosting business by purchasing website hosting at cheap rates and reselling it. The method is a great way to earn a recurring stream of income because web hosting is a vital service that everyone with a website needs. The best is that you'll never need to manage overhead costs to maintain or manage physical web servers.

    Today is perfect to earn an extra means of income. It's possible thanks to the finest cloud reseller hosting UK solutions by Hosting.uk. Hositng.uk, also uses the fastest tier IV data centres which promote lightning fast speed.

  • Who is Reseller UK Hosting Plans for?

    Our Cloud Reseller Hosting UK packages are ideal for web development experts, and organisations.

  • Why choose Hosting.uk Web Hosting Reseller Packages?

    Because our Reseller program was designed with your needs in mind, you can be sure that your business is with the best web hosting reseller packages in the UK. That’s right. With us, your business has the right team to work as dedicated as you do and cheer on your success. Whether you’re a Developer, Programmer, Web Designer, Investor or passionate about owning your own business, we can meet your needs.

    This is the cheapest UK Reseller Hosting and it is a money-maker. You get to create and market your own brand with our products that’s white labelled. Our Web Hosting Reseller Packages are tailored to accommodate your needs and the vision you have for your business.

    We understand that It is important you get the answers you need for the queries you have, so our expert team of trained support staff is at hand to help you. Sign up with the top Reseller Hosting UK Provider to and take advantage of our powerful servers, friendly staff & vast array of value added services unmatched by any other host. Operate like a pro being fully equipped to provide full hosting solutions to your customers.

    Bonus, all Reseller Packages carries FREE Migration, Scripts installations and of course, a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

  • Do I need to have IT experience to be a reseller?

    You don’t need to be an expert for sure but you do need some basic understanding of terms and procedures that will help you in the long run. Our expert team of trained support staff is at hand to help you get set up. Here’s a little secret, most resellers are customers of web hosting first. This experience helps with enough knowledge to get started.

    In the business of being a reseller, you’re the contact person for your customers and source of their information. It is important that you are comfortable with this as a part of your business operations.

  • How do I manage my reseller accounts?

    When you sign up, you actually buy Reseller Web Hosting accounts with two separate control panels:

    1. The Reseller's Web Host Manager (WHM) which gives you access to create and manage your client accounts on their behalf;
    2. Your clients' cPanel which gives them the capacity to create and/or manage their websites and email.

    Through WHM, it is easier create and manage subaccounts. In fact, you can:

    • Set up cPanel for each client
    • Set limitation for a client's SSD storage and/or bandwidth
    • Send emails to all your reseller clients
    • Do user passwords changes
    • Do server status checks
    • Access billing software
    • Utilise domain sub-reseller account

    Your clients will be responsible for setting up their websites and managing their own accounts through their cPanel control panel. This mean you’re empowering your clients to create and manage their websites and email accounts without your assistance.

  • Is there a limit to the domains I host my plan?

    You can host an Unlimited number of domains for as many clients as your business demand. Each plan you purchase has a limit to the number of individual accounts you can have, but there’s no limit to the number of websites and add-on domains you can host on our server. Each plan does carry a limit to the amount of SSD storage and bandwidth you have purchased with your account. This means that Individual account sizes and limits will be for you to manage. As you grow and the need for more space or bandwidth increases, you can contact us to upgrade your account.

  • Can the billy process be automated for my customers?

    Absolutely! Our reseller plans include WHMCS - which does free billing and invoice. This billing software will help you automate, invoice and manage your customers. In addition, WHMCS will also control the administration of your servers through the incorporation of the web hosting control panel (i.e. cPanel/WHM). You even get to set up credit cards and payment processors such as PayPal, stripe, crypto currency, etc.

  • Is Reseller hosting an Affiliate's program?

    No, these are not the same. Reseller Hosting lets you the entrepreneur buy and sell existing hosting products. As a reseller, you can even sell a product with your exclusive brand logo, names and prices.

    On the contrary for affiliates which never purchase products or own any products. Affiliates only seek to successfully send new customers to the host website they sign up with. At this point, when a new visitor makes a purchase the affiliate earns a commission. Importantly, each company creates their commission rate and they stream affiliates with links, special codes, banners etc., which allows the tracking of the traffic and sales generated by the affiliate.

  • Can make a profitable income from reseller hosting?

    Yes! Our Cloud Reseller Hosting UK packages provide trustworthy web hosting solutions that your customers will enjoy and most importantly, it is affordable! We understand that you have a better chance of keeping your prices affordable if our prices low. This we know will give you a greater opportunity to attract new customers and earning amazing profits. So, go ahead and market your online business to your niche and start earning extra income today! Moreover, by adding cPanel for easy web management and using our Optional WHMCS billing system, you can better manage and track order on your account.

*Need more frequently asked reseller hosting questions? See Hosting.uk’s complete web hosting FAQ.


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