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  • Monitor multiple sites
  • Get fast alerts on downtime
  • Monitor and Track metrics of your VPS

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Website Monitoring main features by

  • Real-time Reviews – Cutting-edge graphs and reports
  • Monitoring Archive – Get up to 2 years storage
  • Global Checkpoints – Over 30 international key monitoring sites
  • Recurrent Check Intervals – can run minute by minute checks
  • No Product Download – Login to account to use anytime
  • Multiple users – Give your team access with sub-accounts Monitors your Website and Server Performance

Our advanced website monitoring platform is capable of monitoring servers, websites, applications and much more from anywhere in the world. Join our reliable network of over 200 000 loyal users.

Experience control over the sites you operate with our efficient website monitoring today! Order Now FAQs

  • I have been receiving a message saying that my account is expired even after making a paying.

    It might take a few minutes before your confirmation of payment is processed. However, if this issue continues, if it's not too much trouble contact our support agents for assistance.

  • How long will it take for information/data to appear on my dashboard?

    Information ought to show up in several minutes and updates like clockwork every 5 minutes.

  • For real user monitoring, is there anything I have to do other than replicating the given tracking code into my page?

    No. In the event that you are using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla then we supply a basic module that will free you of the copy/paste tasks.

  • Will this programme allow me to add my organisation’s logo on reports?

    Yes. To transfer your logo, navigate to “name” in the top-right corner and in the drop-down menu click on "Profile" - > "Account Logo" and then proceed to replace your logo by uploading it here. The new logo will be shown in shared pages, reports, and so forth.

  • What exactly is NOK?

    NOK signifies "not okay"/failure.

  • How does uptime monitoring work?

    Uptime monitoring by is a powerful software that checks the availability and the reaction time of your site and its external infrastructure from numerous locations around the globe. Outside/External Monitoring sends instant alerts about issues with external facing IT services. These are frequently the most apparent to clients which makes them the most crucial.

    Uptime Monitoring provides alerts in 60 seconds of possibly costly downtime disruptions. Our tool is capable of sending alerts in the most convenient formats that best suites you. These cover email, SMS, Twitter and telephone call alarms etc.

  • What are some of the locations that you check?

    We have a variety of locations worldwide. These include – The Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

  • What are some of the locations that you check?

    The following is a rundown of Protocols that we support – HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP, SSH, SOAP, UDP, PING, IMAP, TCP, SIP, DNS.

*For more frequently asked questions, see’s complete web hosting FAQ.

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