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Minecraft Server Hosting Features

  • Instant Access

    There’s no long wait. Our team configures your VPS server in minutes giving you full access to install awesome games and invite players!

  • Ultra-Low Latency

    Play online for as long as you want, without interruptions. Upgrade for additional memory for your plugins.

  • Simple & Efficient Plugins

    With one click on your control panel, install Spigot & Bukkit plugins. Use your web browser FTP to upload other plugins.

  • Powerful Minecraft Hosting

    We’ve fine-tune our servers to meet software requirements for Minecraft. Get incredibly fast and consistent VPS hosting for Minecraft.

  • 30-day Guarantee Risk-Free

    Start risk free and enjoy reliable Minecraft hosting with one-click app installers and expert tech support from real people.

  • Reliable Hosting Support

    Our support team goes beyond the call of duty to quickly resolve any hosting problems you may experience. Get in touch by phone, live chat, support ticket or connect here.

Leader in Minecraft Game Server Hosting !

Hosting your own Minecraft server on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) may seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you aren’t very technical. Well it takes only a few basic lines and a couple of minutes to start hosting your friends and/or Minecraft community on your very own VPS. Set up your own Minecraft server in no time!

Simple VPS Hosting Control


With our optional VPS Control Panel, manage your virtual server within a couple of clicks. Easily change your VPS hosting resources in real-time or upgrade at your will. You’ll be able to reboot, install new OS or web scripts and get root access password.

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Top-level Data Backups


Data safety is relevant to you and our main priority so we perform daily server backups! We also recommend that you backup all your files and databases in your control panel. For advanced Security get our Cloud-based backup for your optimal assurance. Never lose your data again!

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Who is Minecraft Server Hosting for?


Minecraft is the most popular fantasy game, perfect for people who want to expand their horizons in Minecraft like fantasy. Do you enjoy going through a virtual recreation of your favourite series or film. If that sounds like your cup of tea, our servers have you covered.  

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Minecraft Server Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • This is my first time using a Minecraft server hosting, can you help me if I get stuck?

    Yes. To ensure your success our support team is available 24/7 to help you with any Minecraft hosting questions. We also have several useful blogs and tutorials to help you in managing every aspect of your game server.

  • What’s Minecraft?

    This is an adventure video game which has gained global popularity since its release in 2011. A Swedish Video game developer Markus Persson, and Mojang, created this game that allows players to mine the blocks and then craft them the way they like. This takes place in a 3D world, where every player demonstrates great creativity in exploring, gathering resources, crafting the cubes and then going into combat.

    Multi-player versions and multiple game modes and are available. Since mid-2018, the game boasts over 91 million active monthly players. It is known as one of the most popular video games, selling over 177 million copies worldwide across various platforms and devices.

  • How do you host a Minecraft server? VPS Control Panel allows you to host and manage your own virtual server. We also offer dedicated VPS hosting resources that can help you to reboot the server, change passwords quickly, conveniently in real-time and install new web scripts.

  • How do you set up a Minecraft server?

    It takes only one simple step to set up a Minecraft server. Simply select the Minecraft hosting plan you prefer and complete the purchase transaction. And just like, that your Minecraft server set up almost instantly.

  • How long does it take to setup Minecraft hosting servers?

    We hope seconds sound good to you because that’s the time-frame to set up your Minecraft hosting server. With, set up is ready the very moment your purchase transaction is successful.

  • Is there a refund policy for Minecraft hosting?

    Yes! All our Minecraft Hosting Plans have a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our plan or service during this time we will give you a full refund!

  • Is it possible to change my plan or upgrade my server later?

    Yes, you can. In just a couple of clicks, you can change your Minecraft hosting plan! Simply go to the client dashboard and submit your order for a change of plan. You can watch as your server is instantly upgraded in real-time. All this is done without any loss to settings or data. Enjoy complete freedom and reliability whether you are the owner of large-scale Minecraft servers or are a first-time server creator. With convenient and flexible Minecraft Hosting plans from, you can grow your Minecraft to any range.

  • What’s the cost to register a domain name for my Minecraft hosting server?

    It’s easy to register a personal domain name for your Minecraft Hosting server. Register your unique domain name starting at just £1.99 when you sign up for your server.

    The best part is you can invite multiplayers and the entire community to your login portal.

  • What are your Minecraft hosting servers locations?

    To offer you the best performance, our Minecraft Hosting servers are located across several global locations in Luxembourg, Germany, UK, and the US., does this to ensure your Minecraft hosting is 100% reliable with the lowest possible latency.

  • Is it possible to manage my plugins and also add new ones myself?

    Yes, you can! With you have full root access to the server and files of your virtual server. This access allows you to modify the configuration as you like. You can even upload or maintain server files yourself. You can do this from any third-party FTP client site or your control panel.

  • Do I get dedicated IPv4 addresses for my server?

    Yes, you do! provides you with 2 dedicated ipV4 addresses that are a part of all our Minecraft hosting plan. This comes at no additional cost.

*If you have more frequently asked hosting questions, go to’s complete hosting FAQ.

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