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  • Joomla Optimised Servers

    Bringing together extremely fast servers and fully optimised settings allows Joomla! to run at full capacity no matter what type of website you have. Constant tweaks, optimisations and improvements ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Latest PHP Version

    All of our servers run the latest versions of PHP and MySQL to not only maximise performance but also enhance security. We guarantee you are in safe hands!

  • Support exclusively for Joomla!

    Our group of experts have a deep-seated knowledge of Joomla! and the process of setting up and transferring your website. Get support for PHP 5.2 to 5.3, MySQL and 99.9% uptime guarantee. Support available 24 hours a day seven day a week.

  • Try Risk Free

    When you signup for any of our Joomla! Hosting plans you get a service we’re confident you’ll love. Get reliable hosting, one-click app installers and round the clock support. If you change your mind, take up our 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 1-Click Joomla! Hosting

    The key to successful hosting is the ability to fine tune server infrastructure to meet software requirements like Joomla! We have perfected our server settings to fit Joomla! like a glove. Get fast, reliable hosting for content giant Joomla!

  • Personal email account

    Communication on the move, private and secure email services are integral elements of a successful online business. Stay in touch anywhere in the world using a mobile device, desktop or webmail and access your private email account.

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With your host account finely tuned to the Joomla! content management system, simply use the 1-click install facility and you’re ready to go. This is when the real fun begins, building your website!

Why Choose Joomla!


Unfortunately, the unique position of WordPress in the content management market has overshadowed the second position held by Joomla! This is a package which continues to grow, more tools are becoming available and its reputation is starting to challenge that of WordPress. Preferred by many online entrepreneurs as their go to content management system, Joomla! has an awful lot to offer.

Simple and Flexible
Whether experienced or this is your first website, Joomla! is very easy to use and extremely powerful. Just the click of a button, the flick of a mouse and you can have a professional website live in no time at all. Thankfully for many, there is no need for any coding knowledge when setting up a Joomla! based website.

Huge Community
The supporting community around Joomla! has shown huge growth in recent years. The ability to chat with like-minded entrepreneurs, ask and offer advice and clear any roadblocks on your design/development path are priceless.

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Striving for success with Joomla!


Here at we look after server optimisation, the development of cutting-edge technology and maximising the Joomla! content management package. This allows you to focus on what you do best, developing your website, increasing your traffic and maximising your sales. Our custom control panel is constantly expanding with an array of enhanced security and performance features. Watch this space…

SSL/TLS Certificate
Security is paramount in the modern day with many websites penalised for not adopting HTTPS protocol and holding valid SSL certificates. Well, HTTPS is standard with all of our Joomla! hosting accounts which also include a lifetime SSL certificate. Boost your reputation and SEO and set yourself on the road to success.

Themes and Extensions
As the popularity of Joomla! continues to grow, so the number of free themes, premium offerings and plug-ins has mushroomed. Simple add-ons can make a massive difference to your website, attracting and retaining customers while maximising your sales potential. Keep an eye out for the latest releases!

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What kind of websites can I create with Joomla?


Ask those who use Joomla! what attracts them and they will highlight flexibility, freedom and continuous development of this award-winning content management system. Enhance your eye-catching online Joomla! store with plug-ins from the free Joomla! plug-in directory, often taking your site to a different level. The opportunity to test each Joomla! plug-in before “going alive” gives you the chance to find the best one for you.  

While there is much focus on Joomla! online stores, and the capacity to process orders, this is not just a one trick pony. This content management system is regularly used with other websites such as:

  • Niche blogs
  • Review Sites
  • Job listing sites
  • Affiliate sites
  • Personal portfolios
  • Online stores
In all honesty this list just scratches the surface with the flexible nature of Joomla! offering endless opportunities.

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Joomla! Hosting FAQs

  • Why purchase Web Hosting from easily provides the best Website Hosting in London, UK. When you purchase one of our plans your website is hosted on the world’s fastest and most reliable web hosting servers. With several London data centres as well as centres in Germany, Luxembourg and other major cities in the world, we are the answer to your hosting needs.

    Actually, each year we invest millions of dollars in research to enhance our service and infrastructure to serve you better serve. There’s no need to look elsewhere as we are the best at website hosting.

  • What are Joomla! advantages against other popular CMS?

    For many people it is the flexibility of Joomla! and its open source origins which continue to underpin growing popularity. Compatible with a range of different platforms and operating systems this is a content management system which is attracting huge interest from developers.

    Joomla! is serviced by templates, extensions and add-ons galore which offer something for every occasion. The simplistic yet highly effective nature of the package is reflected in the fact that building a Joomla! website takes less time than any other content management system. After all, time is money.

  • Can you assist me with installing and configuring Joomla!?

    The installation of Joomla! is more straightforward than you could ever imagine with the Softaculous auto-installer proving priceless. Our expertise are in hosting, so while we won’t get directly involved in configuring/building your website we are here ready and waiting to resolve any hosting issues.

    The Joomla! package is accompanied by an array of supporting documentation available online and covering any issues you may encounter.

  • How can I migrate my existing Joomla website?

    Transferring an existing Joomla! website to our focused Joomla! hosting package could not be easier. We strongly recommend taking a full backup and using the array of Joomla! plug-ins available to transfer hosting accounts. If you have any issues, rest assured that our dedicated support team will be available to help day and night.

  • Can you help me to select the best Joomla! Plan for my project?

    It can be difficult to keep pace with the latest versions of Joomla!, plug-in adaptions and other developments. However, rest assured, you will always have the latest Joomla! version available in your hosting control panel. At the click of a button you can upgrade, allowing you to focus on developing your website. Give us a call to discuss the best Joomla! hosting plan for your particular situation.

  • What should I know about your Joomla! Hosting Support?

    Firstly, everything is transparent and easy to understand.

    We have specific Joomla! starter/intermediate hosting plans for individual users with professional/advanced for companies who build Joomla! websites for clients. Multiple sites come with individual hosting accounts and control panel access. These two specific types of hosting account allow us to adapt and optimise servers for what can be very different operational requirements. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Is Joomla better than WordPress?

    Beauty is in the eye of the holder so a preference for WordPress or Joomla! will tend to depend on the individual and their specific requirements. We know that nearly a third of all websites today use WordPress or Joomla! placing them head and shoulders above any other content management systems. Many believe that Joomla! is more flexible with others focusing on WordPress’s impressive range of themes and plug-ins. That said, a quick search on Google will show the huge growth in Joomla! themes and plug-ins of late.

    There is no doubt that these two content management systems are the best in their field, with very different pros and cons. However, those who try Joomla! will very rarely stray towards any other content management system. Why don’t you try for yourself?

*If you have more frequently asked web hosting questions, go to’s complete web hosting FAQ.

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