Web Hosting FAQ

Shared Hosting

This is by far the most well-known and used form of website hosting. Shared Server Hosting, also referred to simply as web hosting, is by far the cheapest form of hosting which explains its popularity. In this type of hosting, numerous client accounts (messages and sites data) are saved on the same server where assets of said server are shared. This isn’t an ordinary computer, but a massive powerful computer that is programmed to handle hundreds of requests. Hosting.uk offers comprehensive shared web hosting solutions so finding the ideal plan for your site is easier than before.

There are many extraordinary shared hosting plans at Hosting.uk with dedicated hosting support to handle all server maintenance and vital updates. Give us a chance to host your site while you take care of more critical business.

cPanel is a control panel. It is a leading web management dashboard that lets users manage their hosting accounts with ease. It allows you to oversee and control email accounts, domain extensions, and install new applications if required, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. It gives you control over and to manage your entire web hosting account.

In Shared Hosting, as discussed before, the server's resources like (RAM, CPU, and so on) are shared by multiple clients.

In VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting), your data is still hosted on a common server, but you are assigned a pre-defined amount of server resources exclusively, according to your VPS plan. Consider it like VIP access in a gathering. You show up for the same show, but you have privileged access and more resources. You will always have a dedicated amount of resources set aside to your account, so you’ll never be in competition for server resources.

Committed Resources: 1000 GB will be set aside for data transfer and 100GB disk space in your Business Hosting. This is allocated to your account so you'll always have these resources available to you.

Usability: Manage your user account easily with cPanel dashboard for more productivity.

Privacy: With set resources on your account, your webpage will never rely upon different sites for shared resources on the server.

No. In fact, we have exceptional customer support who can help you every step of the way should you need help or have question about your hosting service. We can help, from picking what is the best option for you, to researching issues you may have.

Without a doubt having any amount of expertise is invaluable, however it's by no means, a necessity.

Yes, we can! We'll manage the entire process for you. We offer FREE site transfer for all websites. Don’t cancel your current account from the other host before addressing us. First you will need to purchase web hosting on Hosting.uk. Then, login to your Hosting.uk cPanel dashboard and open a support ticket, inform us right away about your present circumstance, and we'll take it from there.

VPS Hosting

Choosing whether or not to get a VPS server depends on the level of performance you need to give your users. If you are looking for performance, allocated resources, privacy and high performance SSD servers, then A VPS server is the right choice for you. It is highly capable of managing website traffic surges, and the most demanding site requests. Plus, it’s the midway between Shared hosting and dedicated hosting, still affordable and scalable based on your company needs.

Signing up for VPS hosting gives you the following automatically: You get two dedicated IP addresses, remote reboot, serial console access and fully managed VPS servers (cPanel is optional for some accounts and these are called semi-managed VPS). Plus, you get a high-performance server with 99.9% uptime and 24/7/365 dedicated support.

cPanel is recommended for helping you to manage your account easily and it is available with all our VPS plans. cPanel lets you manage and execute various account management tasks. So very basic knowledge is required.

However, in any case, having some amount of specialised aptitude is a plus. Especially if you’ll need to generate reports and install applications. In this case, having a specialised team to oversee this helps. We provide managed and semi-managed VPS hosting so, you have less tasks to deal with. All server maintenance tasks are all done in-house. We keep your high-performance site up and running all through the year.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, you're renting a physical high-performance server only for your organisation or site. Dedicated hosting executes operations significantly faster than shared hosting and VPS. Why? Well, the fact is you have exclusive access to an entire server. That is RAM, CPU, bandwidth, among other resources exclusively for you. If you have a demanding website and high-performance needs, dedicated servers have the capacity to effectively host your site.

Yes, in fact these all cater to different server requirements. Let’s examine Shared Hosting for example, it resembles a college dorm, – Many occupants in a single building, sharing similar resources, but it’s extremely cheap. Dedicated server hosting is like having a cutting-edge house, where you pay much more, and, you and only you have privileged access to its space and utilities. Finally, VPS is in the centre, where you have a couple of inhabitants in a similar building (server), however you each have devoted assets and are in full control of your home. It costs significantly less than a dedicated server, while giving similar dedicated resources as would a dedicated server.

Hosting.uk uses Timico (our long-term partners) to manage our high-performance data centres. Plus, we have on-site professionals who work around the clock even on holidays to monitor and maintain your servers, so that your website is online 99.9 percent of the time. You can rely on Hosting.uk.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is also called White label hosting. Ideally, reseller hosting lets you buy and sell web hosting for a profit. White labelling lets you add your own company logos to existing products and sell as though you were the primary supplier. Plus, in reseller hosing, you'll never need to manage overhead costs for servers and data centres etc.

With Reseller Hosting, customers purchase and host their websites through your organisation and they will never know who your supplier is. Start earning extra income today with your own reseller hosting business.

White Label Hosting is perfect for companies, website designers, website developers, freelances, and those who take into account website development, hosting, online security, just to give some examples.


A domain name is a custom web address that each website must have to go on the internet like www.yoursite.com. This is what users type into the search engine to find your address online. No two domain names can be the same, which means if there’s a specific one that you need and it’s available it’s best that you register it now. There are many diverse types of domain names extensions, .com being the most common. Take for example www.yoursite.com, .com is the TLD (Top Level Domain) extension. If a domain extension isn’t available, try another one. For example, if www.yoursite.com is taken, then, consider www.yoursite.net, www.yoursite.online, www.yoursite.org among others, which might be available.

First, try to keep your domain name short (think about simplicity) and catchy. Do some research, check the thesaurus and brainstorm. As soon as you think of the perfect domain name, check its availability, and if available, register it right away. You can add letters, numbers, and hyphens in your domain name, but special characters are prohibited.

ccTLD means country code top level domain. These are domains which bear the official country domain extension like .ie, .de, .fr, .uk and so on. Normally, to register a ccTLD you must reside in the given country or jurisdictions as stipulated by the ccTLD. You will also be required to give some proof of residence in the form of a country address or business address.

In the case of .ie domain extensions you will need to prove you have connections in Ireland. Be sure to research additional requirements on the ccTLD of your choice. Hosting.uk has hundreds of ccTLDs but if by chance you need a particular one and it’s not there, go ahead and ask our support team we can check on the availability for you.

A generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD is a unique word or acronym that lets online users locate your site fast. They are descriptive TLDs that identifies your brand like .MEDIA, .STORE, .APP (has a built-in SSL certificate) etc. As more websites flood the internet, and .COM names being exhausted, the need for more descriptive TLDs emerged and gTLDs were conceived. Now you have a greater chance of finding the perfect domain that suits your brand.