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Why Register a .ORG Domain Name?


.org, one of the original top-level domains (TLDs), dating back to the inception of the Internet in January 1985. This ending is derived from the organisation and is most commonly used to denote a non-profit organisation. However, there are no restrictions on its usage.
This domain will give a professional touch to websites of organisations. It is quite common. This ending has many benefits, including its easy recall and global reach. There are many variations on this ending, including the popular .org.uk, which indicates the same site that is intended for audiences in the United Kingdom. However, there are also variants specific to other countries.

Who should use.org?


This domain's top-level is used often by schools, charities, and communities - or any other non-profit organisation. It is a great top-level domain choice for organisations that do not want to be limited to a single geographic area. This domain has global reach and is more likely be found by search engines in a non-local search.
This top-level domain could be used by educational institutions that don't wish to use the '.ac – for academic" ending. They can also be providers of online courses or those who offer information and run community projects. While '.org" is more likely to be associated with non-profit organisations and will benefit them the most, it is also possible to use this top-level domain by for-profit organisations that don't wish to appear too commercial.
Please visit our overview of all domains to see all TLDs.

Are .ORGs right for me?


Because they make a difference, non-profits and communities all over the world buy .org domains. Many websites use .org extensions. These extensions include those for charity, education, religious, social, or cultural purposes. You can make your mark quicker by purchasing a .org domain.

Who can register a domain with.org at Hosting.uk?


Anybody, anyone! You can purchase a .org domain name to start your journey, whether you are a non-profit organisation looking to spread the word or a community seeking new members. Want a .org domain that is unique and stands out from the rest? It is easy to find it by searching the top of this page.

.org Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What happens to my .org domain if it is accidentally expired?

    Your website and mail service will cease to function after a domain expires. No changes can be made. You have a period of approximately 30 days at Hosting.uk, during which you can renew the domain at the regular price.

  • How can I buy a domain name?

    Hosting.uk makes buying a domain names fast and easy. You can search online for domain names and choose the name that interests you. Premium .org domains are available at reasonable prices, so you can find the right domain for you. You can search for domain names online right now, and soon you will be the proud owner a new domain. Contact our team if you have any questions or want to know more about the registration process.

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