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Dot NL is the perfect domain for users to connect with the Netherlands. This country code top-level domain(ccTLD) is the right for you because:

  • It’s easy to register.
  • Top-tier Dutch domain with its popularity.
  • Cheap registration, renewal, and transfer plans.

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.NL Features & Pricing


We have friendly prices that’ll cushion your pocket to either register, renew, or transfer your domain. To register, you will have to pay 4.99 GBP for a year-long subscription. If you need a more extended period, say 2 years or more, you will pay 9.98 GBP for 2 years,14.97 GBP for 3 years and 19.96 GBP for 4 years, 24.95 GBP for 5 years and for 6 years you pay 29.94 GBP, etc. The renewal service prices are the same as the registration prices, from 1 year to 5 years payments. If you need to transfer your .nl TLD name, you will only pay a total of 7.00 GBP just once since transfers are a one-time process.

Our services are pocket friendly, so purchase a .nl domain and enjoy:

  • 24-hour customer support for professional consultation in case of any problem or query
  • Free email address as soon as you sign up
  • Special deals for services like domain security and hosting

Over 6 Million .NL domains Registered!


As of September 29, 2020, there were a little more than 6 million registered .nl domains. If you need the internet space for your Dutch business or blog, this domain will give you the presence you want and a .nl domain name to prove your location is in the Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Is .nl appropriate for my business?

    Suppose you are setting up a business in the Netherlands in Eindhoven or Amsterdam. In that case, a .nl TLD name will get you on edge to penetrate the market and gain a name for your business. This domain is renowned and trusted; therefore, your customers will also trust the quality of your services.

  • Why should I choose a .nl domain?

    For a Dutch-based business, say in Amsterdam, also known as the silicon city of Europe, you will need a .nl domain to gain a name for yourself. We also offer the best prices for quality services in the market and other exclusive deals and offers.
    Sign up for the top-level domain and enjoy the services we offer. You get cheap deals and a handful of added services.

  • What is domain registration privacy and is it available?

    ICANN requires that you provide current personal information to registrars when you register a domain. This information will then be required to be publicly displayed.
    Although there is not an official WHOIS directory, it is the public output that domain registrars must display. It acts as a huge address book for domains. Each WHOIS record includes details about the registrant (.e.g. You, registrar (e.g. Hosting.uk), name server, expiry date and so forth. Your information includes your name and address as well as your phone number.
    If there are any questions regarding your domain or ownership confirmation, this information is vital. Unless you are protected under the GDPR, ICANN requires that this information be shared publicly.
    There are many disadvantages to making your registrant information public. The biggest is that anyone can search your information online and use it in any way they like, even to spam you.
    A domain privacy service is a way to ensure that your contact information is kept private.
    We offer .de domain registration privacy to protect your private data from prying eyes. The main advantages you get from domain privacy, available when you register, are that you can sign up anonymously and also keep your personal data to yourself.

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