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.CLUB is used by celebrities, sports clubs, societies, and fan groups to reach people who share the same ideas.


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About .CLUB Domain Name


The .CLUB domain is one of the top-level domains that have remained very popular since its introduction in 2014. For most who don’t know much about this top-level domain, you might be asking what is .CLUB. This is a top-level domain used by celebrities, sports clubs, societies, and fan groups to reach people of the same thinking. Nowadays, even businesses are taking up this domain to reach their target audience. We can say that this domain fits perfectly for the social world we are in nowadays, thanks to the internet. Get your dot CLUB domain name at the most affordable prices.
Due to its diversified interpretation, the domain can stand for many things, bringing numerous ideas under it.

Why Dot CLUB TLD Suits Almost Everything?


Dot CLUB can bring together people who think alike and have similar ideas or interests. For example, if you go on Facebook or any other site, there are various groups of like-minded people. You can come together under a dot CLUB domain of your choice, do even more together, and learn how to achieve greater things than on Facebook. Here are the reasons you should pick this domain:

  • It brings meaning and market value to the name before the dot.
  • It is global and gives that same meaning in every part of the globe.
  • It is accommodative to all that have hobbies and passions they want to share, which is something that is carried in the name Club.

.club Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  • What does a .CLUB Domain Really Cost?

    Setting one club domain up is free, but registration, transfer, and renewal will cost £12.00/yr

  • Who Can Register These Types of Domains?

    Anyone can register and select names before the dot on a first-come, first-served basis, the scope of dot CLUB is huge and can accommodate anyone who has a club or a society.

  • What is a TLD?

    Top-level domain usually refers to the last part of a domain after the dot symbol. A TLD makes it easy for one to quickly get to a site without having to memorise actual IP addresses, plus it organises site addresses more safely.

  • Does the Use of a Dot CLUB Domain Have Any Restrictions?

    Yes. Certain requirements must be met, like the number and types of characters used.
    If you are looking forward to starting a group, Club, or a society of like-minded people, we encourage you to take the .CLUB TLD because it will encourage more and give your name that generic touch and some meaning that appeals to those you are targeting worldwide.

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