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Get an authorisation code

  • Check that your domain is registered for 60+ days
  • Unlock your domain and request a transfer authorisation/ EPP code from your losing registrar

Get Transfer

  • Enter your EPP code for your domain
  • Add the domain to the shopping cart, verify, then checkout

Domain Transfer Accepted

  • Transfers take 3 – 7 days on average to propagate
  • Go to your account to track the domain transfer
  • Once finished, your domain is ready to use
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Why transfer your domain to

  • No tech abilities required

    Our domain transfer process is quick and hassle-free, so you can be fully operational in the fastest-possible time. And since this process is automated, there’s no delay as everything gets done behind the scenes smoothly, so you can move to the next big thing.

  • Domain locking

    Lock or unlock your domain as you please. Always be in control and keep your domain safe from unauthorised users. Domain locking prohibits contact modification, domain transfer, nameserver modification and domain deletion.

  • Easy management

    Get a single easy to use dashboard to manage all your domains, hosting and website services in one place. You can even set up custom domain emails, review billing and access your cPanel control panel from here.

  • Built for multiple domains

    Let’s say you manage multiple domains, having them consolidated with us takes away the hassle and gives you more time for more important things. Simplify your life with one account for all your domains and subdomains.

  • Auto-renew your domain

    Never forget to renew your domain with our domain auto-renewal service. If you forget you’ll lose it. This hassle-free service will take your renewal woes away.

  • Trusted world-class support

    If your current losing domain provider doesn’t have the pricing, support and service you deserve — we can help. Our domain transfer service includes support with the transfer itself and domain advice whenever you need it.

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Easy site migration

Free site migration

Transfer your site easy to the bigger better network in a few clicks. Just signup for hosting, add your domain name and review your site. Review and publish instantly. It’s that simple!

Easy site migration

WHOIS Privacy

Transfer your domain and start protecting it with our WHOIS ID protection service today! Hide personal data on the public WHOIS database and avoid unwanted spam. Select ID protection in the shopping cart or just contact us.

Easy site migration

DNS Management

We offer DNS/ domain nameserver management service free of cost when you transfer or register a domain. Select the option at checkout and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy-peasy!

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Domain Transfer FAQs

  • Why should I move my domains to

    At, domain transfer is not just easy, it’s also convenient. You get domain privacy in a click as well as free domain management. What’s more, you can keep any time left on your present domain — and get a full year when you transfer. We are the perfect home for your domains, with Domain Privacy service, SSL certificates and other website security services to help protect your privacy online. And the best part – you can manage everything (including hosting) from a single location. So, transfer your domain and start using the most secure domain hosting platform in the UK today.

  • How can I move domains to

    To transfer your domain, you first need to prepare it and follow a few simple steps. Let’s break it down:

    1. To prepare your domain, verify that you’ve registered it for a minimum of 60 days. That’s standard no matter where you want to transfer it.
    2. Unlock your domain and check that the account also has up to date information such as: the correct email for the administrator/domain owner along with other contact details. If everything looks fine, go to step two.
    3. Next request a transfer code or EPP from your losing domain host. You’ll get it via email. Note, to transfer a domain you must be the authorised person or domain owner.
    4. Signup for’s domain transfer. Ensure you have the EEP on hand; you’ll need it here.
    5. Enter the domain you plan to transfer along with the EPP code. Here you can select your nameservers.
      1. Keep my present nameservers. Pick this option to ensure there's no interruption on your site during the transfer if you use your registrar’s default nameservers.
      2. Switch to's nameservers. This is the best option as you’ll be able to manage everything under one roof.
    6. Wait 5 - 7 days for the domain to propagate.
    7. Go to your account, to track the domain transfer process. Once your domain shows the transfer complete status, it’s ready to use. It’s that easy!
  • Are there any restrictions for transferring my domain?

    You can transfer a domain almost any time. However, ICANN excludes moving a domain inside 60 days of its registration.

  • Where do I get my EEP authorisation code?

    Your EPP code also the authorization code is the unique password to transfer domain. After requesting the code from your current registrar, you can locate the EPP code under the dashboard to manage your domains or in the email associated with that domain.

  • How long does a domain transfer take to finish?

    On average, domain transfer takes 3 - 7 days, However, some domains extensions take even shorter periods to propagate. So, realistically it can take anywhere from 30 mins to 7 days. You can login to your cPanel to track the progress.

  • How can I check the progress of my domain transfer?

    Easy. You can track the progress of your domain transfer by logging into your client area. Select ‘manage my services’, and you’ll see the status.

    Click on the domain you want to track and here you’ll see the accompanying information for each domain transfer:

    Status — This field informs where in the transfer cycle you are.

    Administrator Email — This section shows the email address connected to your domain name.

  • I have an expired domain. Can I transfer it?

    Of course. To start, ensure you unlock the domain at your registrar and request your EPP code. As soon as you have the EPP code, signup for the domain transfer with If you need help, contact us right away.

  • Can I renew my domain for more than a year when I transfer it?

    Yes, you can. During the transfer you’ll have the option to choose your renewal period. Plus, you can always add extra renewal time after your transfer.

*For more frequently asked web hosting questions, see’s complete web hosting FAQ.