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  • Complete Control, up to 128GB Memory
  • Dedicated Resource, No Restrictions
  • Tier IV UK Datacentre – Fastest categories
  • More Power, Flexibility and Security


Get started with a Dedicated Server UK plan that fits your budget.

Server ModelProcessorSpeedMemoryHard DrivesBandwidth
Intel Xeon


Intel Xeon E3-1270 v34x3.5 GHz CPU Core16GBDDR3 RAM2x 240GB SSD StorageUnlimitedBandwidth
£130 £95/mo*


Scale up to a more powerful UK Dedicated. Server plan for medium and large projects.

Server ModelProcessorSpeedMemoryHard DrivesBandwidth


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v212x2.1 GHz CPU Core32 GBDDR3 RAM4 x 1TB HDD (RAID 10) StorageUnlimitedBandwidth
£210 £175/mo*
Intel Xeon


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v212x2.1 GHz CPU Core64 GBDDR3 RAM4 x 1TB HDD (RAID 10) StorageUnlimitedBandwidth

*+ VAT if applicable

Included with your machine

  • Fast Delivery

    We manage our own stock and we have plenty of servers available. There is no long wait, you get access to your fully configured server within 24hours or less of your purchase.

  • cPanel control panel

    Add cPanel for just £26.00/month per dedicated server. cPanel/Web Host Manager makes server management easier through their user-friendly graphical interface.

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

    We typically provide 100% uptime on stable and secure network and we work hard to achieve it. We use the world’s leading servers to give you the power and reliability that you need.

  • Reliable support

    Get support round-the-clock from our friendly and experienced dedicated hosting experts. We are always on standby should you need help. We’re happy to help.

  • Full root access

    Our servers come with full root admin access, including KVM remote access through IPMI. Use KVM to access any web browser to manage your hosting with ease.

  • Full server management

    Expert assistant is available for your dedicated server. Signup for full management by our staff for only £35 a month. (Assistance excludes custom software/script installations).

Security, Power and Flexibility: It’s what you need

If you’re waiting for a sign to switch to a bigger, more powerful server to host large amounts of data, then THIS is it., offers low cost Dedicated Server UK solutions with tier IV data centres – the fastest and most powerful servers on the planet.

If you need more RAM, bandwidth and disk space, your worries are over. No more fighting over server space. Our highly efficient, reliable and powerful plans come with 24/7 unlimited dedicated server hosting UK support.

Perfect for websites with high traffic, advanced users with large amounts of data and large businesses. Our dedicated hosting plans are carefully crafted and priced to suit varying needs. Get unlimited web hosting with’s cheap dedicated servers, we guarantee no other can match our prices.

Dedicated server hosting reduces the risk of hard drive crashes and data loss because you have no competition with other users for server space.

Get total control over your server. If you need to update or install software, run security checks and manage how much RAM, disk space your sites use, you can do it all that from your user account.

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FAQ about UK Dedicated servers

  • Explain what is Dedicated Web Hosting?

    Dedicated web hosting lets you rent a physical server only for your organisation or website. This one-user factor makes dedicated server web hosting extremely fast! One account to a server means there is no other websites to compete with for resources and no delayed server requests, permitting fast data transfer and fast page load speeds. Resources like website storage capacity or RAM are exclusively for your site. When compared to VPS and shared hosting, dedicated servers rule in all situations.

  • Is there a difference between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting?

    Yes, there is. The most evident difference is that each web hosting solution caters to specific user needs. Shared Hosting for example, it is like a dormitory, – consisting of many occupants in a single building, in this case a server. Typically, Shared web hosting servers have over a hundred users on a partitioned dedicated server sharing similar resources. This type of web hosting is incredibly popular and cheap.

    VPS is like a middle ground. Using an apartment building illustration, all users have defined space, but they are on the same building. Likewise, VPS uses virtual technology to create several ‘independent virtual servers’ on a dedicated server. Each private server operates independently of each other with allocated resources and offers significantly more control than shared web hosting. As such it costs more to host on a VPS, but it remains affordable with basic VPS plans starting at £9.95/month.

    Renting a dedicated server is like having a front-line house. So, advanced dedicated servers, offering significantly more resources and power, bear a higher price-tag that VPS. You not only get resources allocated to you but also the entire server. Therefore, you can decide on what specialised software, security programmes and upkeep you want to configure on it.

  • How can I decide when to use a Dedicated Server?

    Suppose you need unlimited resources, full control, flexibility, cyber security, and privacy, a dedicated server is the only server that can truly deliver this to you and your website visitors. Say adios to data transfer and exchange problems. You will have more privacy and less chances of files being intercepted by unscrupulous eyes like with shared IP addresses on shared servers.

  • Can I rent a dedicated server for gaming?

    Yes. Our dedicated servers gaming benefits are enormous. You can run a gaming server, by hosting the games you want on our dedicated servers. Our servers can be configured to effectively run any game. Plus, you can monetise your games while hosting on our extremely high-performance servers and expect no downtime. Our servers can manage the most complex requests and each dedicated hosting account gets unlimited dedicated hosting support should you have questions.

  • How do you manage your data centres?

    At we use Timico (our long-term partners) to manage our secure data centres. Additionally, we have on-site experts who work non-stop even on bank holidays to oversee, manage and maintain our data centres. This helps us to maintain our goal of providing the best dedicated server hosting UK based services to our clients. With an average rate of 99.9% uptime per year, of you can rely on

  • What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

    SSDs provides almost double the speed of HDD in I/O Benchmarking tests. According to, SSD is significantly faster. Data is store on microchips on SSD similar to memory sticks. While on a HDD, it uses a mechanical arm on a circular drive with a read/compose head to function. It moves to read data in specific locations on a storage platter.

*For more frequently asked web hosting questions, see’s complete web hosting FAQ.

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