5 Best Reseller Hosting Benefits for Your Business

Posted on 18th January 2021 by Fabrizio Lucenti in Reseller Account
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reseller hosting benefits
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The pandemic has led to a lot of unemployment and people are looking at new ways to ensure their financial freedom. Starting a web hosting business with reseller hosting may be a viable option. In this post we talk about the best reseller hosting benefits and provide some tips on what to look for when starting a reseller hosting business.

Reseller Hosting Core Meaning

Simply put, reseller hosting buying and reselling of website hosting services. Reseller hosting allows you to buy a hosting package and then sell some space, bandwidth and other resources back to others at a marked-up price.

You can choose to sell to a specific niche or to anyone looking to get the service you’re offering.


What are the main Reseller Hosting Benefits?

Reseller hosting offers a number of benefits. We’ll mention five for the purposes of this post.

1. Investment cost is low

Let’s start with the money. With reseller hosting, your start-up cost doesn’t have to be astronomical, because these accounts usually cost less than many other types of accounts.

You also have the option to buy hosting services in bulk or at wholesale cost.

A reseller account will also work out to be much cheaper too, because multiple reseller accounts can be hosted on a physical server, but the user only needs to pay for a portion of the resources the server provides.

2. Generate Revenue

Reseller hosting is a great way to generate an income. As noted above, the start-up cost is low, and you are able to measure and set your price for the services and plans you’re offering.

3. Private-label Hosting Solution

Purchasing a reseller hosting account allows you to sell hosting services under your own brand, instead of your host’s brand, as is the case in other instances. This is known as private label or white-label.

Private or white-labelling allows resellers to use an unknown or secret domain name for their servers’ hostname.

When you purchase a reseller account, your host will provide you with IP addresses that you’ll use to register your own private nameservers. This prevents your hosts name from showing up in your hosting panel.

4. Customisation Options

No two clients are exactly alike. Customisation is therefore crucial to run a successful reseller hosting platform. As such, resellers are able to create custom-made web hosting solutions for customers.

5. Free end-user support

Another benefit of a reseller hosting account is that you don’t have to worry about taking care of technical or server issues that clients may have. This is your host’s responsibility and their technical support department is always on hand to take care of those issues.


Tips for Your Business

If you’re thinking of getting a reseller hosting plan for your business. Here are some reseller hosting strategies and other things to consider.

1. Determine your goal

Before choosing a reseller hosting plan, establish your goal for the platform.

  • Do you plan on becoming a web hosting reseller?
  • Are you using it to host your own websites?
  • Is it just for fun?

Establishing your goals will help you select the best reseller hosting plan for your needs.

2. Don’t skimp on the cost

Remember we told you earlier that reseller hosting plans are generally inexpensive? They actually are!

But there are levels of cheap and it’s advised that you don’t go for the cheapest plan you can find.

Why? The cheaper you go, the less technical and customer service support you get. Uptime may also be an issue, particularly since you’re reselling to clients.

3. Ensure 24/7 support for clients

In the same way that it’s important to get great customer service from your host, it’s important that your clients get the same from you.

If you’re looking to run a successful business, ensure your customers have excellent support assistance all day, every day.

Your host will be responsible for troubleshooting for your client, but you’ll need to ensure they can access that and any other services they may need. The service you provide will impact the growth and success of your business, so make sure it great and always available.

Get answers to the most common reseller hosting questions here.

4. Use private nameservers

There are a number of benefits to using private nameservers for your reseller hosting business. One of the main ones, is the ease with which you’re able to switch hosting providers without impacting your clients.

Let’s say your current provider is no longer meeting your hosting needs.

You can go ahead and change hosts and then migrate all of your clients’ web hosting accounts. The clients won’t have to do anything on their side to facilitate the change.

Private nameservers also make you look more professional and that does not hurt.

5. Install an SSL certificate

Security is always a non-negotiable. To ensure yours and your clients’ safety, install SSL certificates from the get-go.

Remember, you’ll be collecting people’s personal information and they won’t share this if they don’t feel safe. It’s good for your reputation and growth and it’s good for their peace of mind.