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Fresh out of University? Here’s why you need a Website in 2019

22nd April 2019

You’re young full of optimism, have a zest for life, and you’ve just conquered university after 3 years of blood, sweat and tears. You’re ready […]

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How to enhance user experience through hosting

18th April 2019

In business, the consumer is king. This adage is as important and relevant for the user experience (UX) when navigating your Website as it is […]

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Do Dedicated Servers Impact SEO?

16th April 2019

If your website has a seasoned internet presence then you’re already up to speed on the importance of having a great SEO rank. Ranking high […]

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12 Best Cybersecurity Practices for Company Website

10th April 2019

Cybersecurity is a top priority for anyone building a brand on the internet. As a business owner, you wouldn’t allow just anyone to have unfettered […]

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Where is the robots.txt file and what does it do?

8th April 2019

RCreating a robots.txt file is a simple, yet effective solution which can be used to ensure Website optimisation. You can create this file on your […]

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