How to setup a Customised Welcome Email Template

Posted on 27th January 2020 by Thomas in Reseller Account
1 minute read
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Instead of sending generic emails to your clients you can create and send customised emails from WHMCS for the products they purchase. This feature is part of your reseller hosting service. Below are the steps to create a custom Welcome Email Template.

Follow these steps to customise your email template

Step 1: Login to your WHMCS Account

Step 2: Navigate to Setup then Select Email Templates

Step 3: Start customising the template

  • 3.1 From the drop-down menu select the Product/Service you wish to start customising.
  • 3.2 In the unique name field, Enter a name for the new template.
  • 3.3 Click Create.
  • 3.4 Enter the details you wish to include in the email under the respective fields. To save click Save Changes.