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The Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting

15th May 2019

Even for those with experience of websites, explaining the difference between a domain name and web hosting in simple terms is not easy. They are […]

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Images: Mastering Product Photography for Small Businesses

13th May 2019

It is fair to say that a picture is worth a 1000 words but a poor quality picture is worth nothing – in fact it […]

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How HTTPS is Making The Internet Safe Again!

8th May 2019

Top sites that use HTTPS encrypt their data securely. More than half of all internet traffic is now encrypted according to LetsEncrpyt, this makes the […]

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A Quick Comparison Between cPanel and Plesk – Leading Hosting Control Panels

6th May 2019

Once you have selected a web hosting provider you need to select the best website control panel that suits your specific requirements. Both Plesk and […]

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Create a Responsive Website in 2019

2nd May 2019

Creating your perfect user friendly website in 2019 is easier than ever before. Getting started is the hardest part due to the never-ending choice of […]

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