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Easy Steps to Install Java on Ubuntu 20.04

3rd August 2020

This guide aims to help you install Java on Ubuntu 20.04 the easy way to help you start your development journey in Java and other related frameworks.

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Why Install React and What is it For?

27th July 2020

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll find out why you need to install React if you’re even a little bit interested in being a web developer.

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Which is better? Linux or Windows VPS?

7th July 2020

In this article we look at the differences between the Linux and Windows operating systems and how to choose between a Linux VPS and a Windows VPS.

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What is Dedicated Server Hosting and How to Start?

25th May 2020

Keep reading to find out why dedicated server hosting might be just the thing to take your website or gaming to the next level!

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How to Change The PostgreSQL Default Password

21st May 2020

For effective and efficient website creation, a great web hosting platform and the right package are key components to have. The beauty of modern-day web hosting is that very little website building knowledge is needed. However, learning about some technical terms like SQL, PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL default password can be quite helpful. You don’t always have to rely on a computer science genius to bestow knowledge upon you, which may come at a cost.

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