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cPanel Control Panel Pricing Increase: How Does This Impact Me?

15th July 2019

Web hosting companies are talking about cPanel control panel a lot recently with good reason. Did you know cPanel are changing their pricing model? That’s […]

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How to Add Multiple Domains to Your Shared Hosting Account

8th July 2019

Starting a website can be quite daunting if you’re not technically savvy to navigate the hosting arena. Luckily, things have gotten a little easier due […]

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Dedicated Server Hosting Myths, Busted

1st July 2019

When it comes to hosting environments dedicated servers are the top echelon of internet and web hosting. There is no other hosting environment that allows […]

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Technical Hacks that Make Using cPanel 100% Easier

27th June 2019

Running your hosted website is made easy by one control panel to rule them all. No matter what hosting environment your site runs on you […]

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Web Hosting: then came bandwidth

24th June 2019

Choosing the most appropriate type of web hosting for your site, VPS, dedicated server or a simple shared option, is obviously vital. Part of this […]

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