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Which is better? MariaDB vs MySQL

23rd March 2021

Looking for the best database to use but not sure if you should use MySQL or MariaDB? This article breaks down the similarities and differences of both.

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What is MySQL and Why is it so Popular?

18th March 2021

MySQL was the most popular Relational Database Management System in 2019. In this guide, we explain what is MySQL and why it is used so widely by people who build websites.

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4 Tips to Move Your Domain to a New Host

4th March 2021

Hate your current domain host? Learn everything you need to know to move your domain to a new host! (BONUS: How to point domain to IP address.)

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How Cloud Hosting Works

24th February 2021

From photos to cloud hosting, everything seems to be saved in the cloud these days, but what does that actually mean? We’ll tell you, keep reading.

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How to Buy Reseller Hosting in the UK

17th February 2021

Don’t just own a website, how about reselling hosting services. It’s quite simple especially with Reseller hosting UK being in demand. Here’s how.

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