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Centos vs Ubuntu: 4 Factors to Pick the Best OS

29th December 2020

Linux pumps out so many options that it can get pretty overwhelming when it’s time to choose the best OS for your Virtual Private Server. […]

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8 Things To Learn From Web Hosting UK Reviews

28th December 2020

Almost every decision made in the 21st century is preceded by reading web reviews. This also includes which website host to use. While you may […]

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Top Questions & Answers for Hosting WordPress In the UK

23rd December 2020

Choosing a website hosting provider for your WordPress website in the UK requires research. Use these eight questions to help guide you.

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How to Configure Your Rackspace Email Settings to Microsoft Exchange

22nd December 2020

You need a trusted email host for your business. We’ll explain how to configure your Rackspace email settings with Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

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6 Tips to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error in Chrome

18th December 2020

The “your connection is not private” error message is one of the scarier ones, because it conjures up visions of hooded hackers gleefully siphoning off […]

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