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Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2022

2nd February 2022

You may have heard that recently, cPanel made new pricing changes to their licenses in 2021. The new pricing includes changes to standard pricing for […]

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Hosting Location, Does it Affect a Website?

21st December 2021

Does your website speed may be affected by host server location? Does your SEO ranking have any effect due to your server location and speed? Find out here.

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How to Choose? VPS Linux Hosting or VPS Windows Hosting

7th December 2021

Choosing the right VPS hosting provider can be a difficult decision for anyone, especially regarding their new website. How do you make a choice? VPS Linux Hosting or VPS Windows Hosting?

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How to Rollback Updates on CMS WordPress

1st December 2021

Here are reasons why someone might wish to rollback their WordPress CMS, how to downgrade it and what to look out for when downgrading.

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3 Steps to Speed Up Your Website on VPS Hosting

26th October 2021

This blog post will answer your questions about VPS Hosting, VPS Hosting UK, VPS Server Plans, and provide three tips to help you speed up your VPS Hosting site.

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