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What is Dedicated Server Hosting and How to Start?

25th May 2020

Keep reading to find out why dedicated server hosting might be just the thing to take your website or gaming to the next level!

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How to Change The PostgreSQL Default Password

21st May 2020

For effective and efficient website creation, a great web hosting platform and the right package are key components to have. The beauty of modern-day web hosting is that very little website building knowledge is needed. However, learning about some technical terms like SQL, PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL default password can be quite helpful. You don’t always have to rely on a computer science genius to bestow knowledge upon you, which may come at a cost.

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Tips to identify who owns a website or domain

14th May 2020

Since the invention of the internet, people have been coming up with more and more ways to use its wide-reaching abilities to secure new clients or followers to their businesses and projects.

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Creating your own Minecraft Server (All Platforms)

7th May 2020

Unlock your gaming by creating your very own Minecraft server! Play by your own rules, install mods, and invite all of your friends to join the fun. Learn how to create your own Minecraft server on Windows, macOS, and Linux in just a few simple steps. In this article, you will receive step-by-step instructions to create your own Minecraft server on any platform. This process is easy and free, and the best part is, you don’t even need any special knowledge to set it up. Just follow the instructions, and you will be ready to play in no time. Play your way! Create your own Minecraft server.

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How to check a site’s WordPress PHP version

27th April 2020

PHP is a widely used web development language considered to be at the core of WordPress. Learn how to check what version of PHP your WordPress Website uses.

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