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7 Benefits of Squirrel Hosting – Why it Matters?

17th June 2021

Get fine-tuned, high performance web servers for your Squirrel Hosting on Hosting UK. Here are 7 key points to consider for your Squirrel Mail hosting.

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Best Dedicated Server Gaming Tips for Pro Gamers

15th June 2021

How in the Billion-Dollar Gaming Industry do game servers work? We’ll examine how Dedicated Game Servers work and give pro hosting tips to help you.

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Why a Virtual Private Server Might be Best for Your Website

8th June 2021

 VPS hosting gives you everything you love about shared hosting and dedicated hosting, because instead of using either shared servers or dedicated servers, VPS hosting uses Virtual Private Servers.

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What Is an SMTP Server?

1st June 2021

What are SMTP Servers? This article shares with readers the definition of SMTP servers, there benefits and outlines a few FAQs on the topic.

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Hosted Exchange: The Best Email Hosting Software for Your Business

20th May 2021

Clients are fickle and competition is fierce. So, it’s important to stay on top of your business. If you need a way to always stay […]

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