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How to Change The PostgreSQL Default Password

21st May 2020

For effective and efficient website creation, a great web hosting platform and the right package are key components to have. The beauty of modern-day web hosting is that very little website building knowledge is needed. However, learning about some technical terms like SQL, PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL default password can be quite helpful. You don’t always have to rely on a computer science genius to bestow knowledge upon you, which may come at a cost.

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What is Hosted Email, and Why Do you Need It?

17th February 2020

Hosted email service is a great way to securely host emails. Learn why you need hosted email now. Take your emails to the next level with a professional platform made for hosting emails.
Emails are the first point of contact for business.
Crete custom email with hosted exchange
Manage as many mailboxes as you like.
Hosted emails are stored separately from website server.
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5 Surprising ways to use your Host File

6th January 2020

For many Internet users the idea of editing operating system files can fill them with dread. However, if you are careful, do your research and […]

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The Importance of Encryption. Do I need an SSL Certificate?

4th November 2019

Website owners not only obtain SSL certificates for encryption services but take advantage of additional benefits provided. Don’t overlook the importance of encryption instead protect […]

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Is Your eCommerce Website Ready for Back-to-School?

2nd September 2019

Back-to-school shoppers reportedly spent more than $82 million dollars last year. That’s more than what was recorded for Valentine’s and Mother’s and Father’s Day combined. […]

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