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WordPress Hosting Tips: How to Reduce HTTP/S Requests

27th November 2020

Imagine you have finally purchased the perfect domain name, and just got a great WordPress hosting package that perfectly supports your newly created website. You […]

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Tips to resolve an error establishing a database connection

10th August 2020

The error establishing a database connection occurs when the PHP code can’t access the WordPress MySQL database. Learn why it happens and how to fix it.

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How to Monitor Your WordPress Hosting Uptime

20th July 2020

If your website is offline for an extended time, you may lose potential clients. This period offline is called downtime and it is bad for your brand. 

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Edit or reset your Hosts file in Windows 10

2nd July 2020

How to edit or reset the host file on your Windows 10 system. Learn what the host file is and how to locate, edit, or reset the file on Windows 10.

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Tips to Clear Your DNS Cache on Mac

8th June 2020

To flush DNS Mac users have a slightly more difficult time than Windows users. This guide will show how to clear your DNS cache on a Mac using cPanel.

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