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Secure your Website on a Shared Hosting

16th December 2019

Shared hosting is the practice of hosting many websites on one physical web server. The concerns listed below are valid; however there are a number […]

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What is Malware & how do I stop it in its tracks?

12th July 2019

It seems almost everyone uses the internet. Whether it’s for business, pleasure or a little of both the number of persons connected in cyberspace significantly […]

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Hidden Cost of cyber-attacks that you should know about: Ransomware

17th June 2019

As we become more dependent on the Internet, the risk of cyber-attacks is growing. Internet and network security is a massive industry. It is one […]

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5 Reasons for Hard Disk Failure and Data Recovery Solution

20th May 2019

Having a fail-safe in place for your precious data is crucial to your security detail for your website and business. While your website back-up is […]

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7 Internet Security Tips for your Business

25th April 2019

It is amazing to think that even in this day, with hacks reported every day, many business entrepreneurs still fail to install adequate Internet security […]

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