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Fix Err SSL Version or Cipher Mismatch

11th March 2021

Fixing err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch error sounds daunting but is fairly simple. Don’t believe it? Prepare to have your mind blown!

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4 Tips to Move Your Domain to a New Host

4th March 2021

Hate your current domain host? Learn everything you need to know to move your domain to a new host! (BONUS: How to point domain to IP address.)

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What is a DNS and what is its purpose?

1st March 2021

The DNS is the reason websites have such catchy domain names, but most people don’t know what is DNS and its purpose. Good thing this guide breaks it all down!

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How Cloud Hosting Works

24th February 2021

From photos to cloud hosting, everything seems to be saved in the cloud these days, but what does that actually mean? We’ll tell you, keep reading.

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7 Major WordPress Hosting UK Advantages for Companies

22nd February 2021

A website is as successful as its hosting provider. Let’s explore how WordPress Hosting UK can position your business for success.

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