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How to Create an Online FTP Account with cPanel

24th August 2020

This article outlines the steps necessary to create an online FTP account using cPanel.

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How to Troubleshoot 500 Internal Server Error

17th August 2020

Here are some common causes of the 500 internal server error and how to troubleshoot it on a website you’re visiting or on your own website!

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Tips to resolve an error establishing a database connection

10th August 2020

The error establishing a database connection occurs when the PHP code can’t access the WordPress MySQL database. Learn why it happens and how to fix it.

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Easy Steps to Install Java on Ubuntu 20.04

3rd August 2020

This guide aims to help you install Java on Ubuntu 20.04 the easy way to help you start your development journey in Java and other related frameworks.

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Why Install React and What is it For?

27th July 2020

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll find out why you need to install React if you’re even a little bit interested in being a web developer.

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