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Top 10 Advantages of Email Hosting for Businesses

10th February 2021

One of the most crucial tools of the 21st century for communication and marketing is undoubtedly email. By the end of 2024, email usage is […]

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Squirrel hosting: What it is and its benefits for you

2nd February 2021

Learn everything you need to know about the fascinatingly named Squirrel hosting, so you can decide if this critter-inspired email service is right for you!

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9 Steps to Point Your Domain to an IP Address

1st February 2021

Congratulations on your new domain! Every year, hundreds of thousands of people stare wistfully at their laptops and think, “I should really make my own […]

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What a Meta Title is and How to use it to Boost Sales

25th January 2021

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make a meta title that points a bright, neon arrow right at your website, so you can increase traffic and boost sales!

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5 Best Reseller Hosting Benefits for Your Business

18th January 2021

Looking to start a web hosting business? Have you considered reseller hosting? Here are some reseller hosting benefits and tips to get started.

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