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How to use Softaculous App installer for Efficiency

19th August 2019

nSoftaculous is one of the top auto installers available in the Web Hosting industry. With 451 scripts, Softaculous allows users to automatically upgrade their web […]

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How do I access cPanel and what should I know about it?

7th August 2019

Server management is one of the most challenging aspects of web hosting for many clients. Successful websites have server management methods in place to apply […]

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DNS Records 101: The Beginner’s Guide

5th August 2019

What is DNS? To better understand your hosting environment, you need to bring yourself up to speed with various aspects of internet infrastructure. While you […]

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Set up an email with cPanel in your hosting account

1st August 2019

No doubt on your travels you will have come across websites advertised on vehicles and flyers which appear very professional at first glance. Unfortunately, many […]

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PHP Error messages Web Designers should Know about

30th July 2019

A quick search of the Internet will show that PHP is best described as an:- “Open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for […]

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