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High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

How it Works?

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers
High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

Compatible with other systems

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

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High-Performance UK Cloud Servers


High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

Reduce false positives

Stop every type of cyber attack with BitNinja

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers
Hacked CMS

Don't waste time cleaning infected files. BitNinja Web Application Firewall 2.0(WAF 2.0), applies filters to all incoming web requests and rejects any attacks.

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers
Phising Sites

BitNinja malware detection locates any suspicious software and places them in quarantine so they can't cause any damae to your server.

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers
Outbound Spam

BitNinja's log analysis module can promptly block brute force attack attempts among others, like directory traversal, SQL injection and spamming

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers
Blacklisted Server

If BitNinja detects too many concurent connections, it adds the IP address to the blacklist for 60 seconds. Once clear, it gets routed to the grey-list so valid users can delist.

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers
Under Attack

BitNinja DoS Detection work with our AntiFlood Module to find IPs that are repeatedly used to attack by DoS and blacklist them for a longer time.

Compatible with all hosting solutions

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

What is BitNinja Server Security

BitNinja provide complete security for your server hosting. It offers Realtime IP Reputation, which can be used to
protect your hosting server from attacks and help you avoid both automated cyber-attacks and targeted ones.

It also offers Honeypots Traps taht can be used to detect suspicious scanning using DOS Attacks and Malware. This
means Cyber criminals will not be able to access the services you provide

BitNinja's Web Application Firewall, also known as WAF, works between web browsers of visitors and web servers. It
can filter all incoming request quickly and automatically.

High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

What People Say?

Hosting UK is the best choice for UK website hosting and provides cutting-edge web server security solutions.

Get access to our customer service team, 24/7. We are always available to help you, with no long delays or outsourced support.

BitNinja Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BitNinja?

    BitNinja, a multi-layered security solution for Linux environments, is designed to block all cyberattacks. It uses a combination of machine learning and specific tools. It is powerful, quick to deploy(installation tasks 2-mins max), and simple to use in just a few clicks.

  • What does BitNinja do?

    BitNinja protects your server and gives you peace-of-mind. It protects your website and servers from attacks, which saves you valuable time and money. It prootects against Bonet attacks and mitigates DdoS attacks.

  • What does BitNinja not do?

    BitNinja doesn’t protect Windows servers or game servers and does not come 100% DdoS protection(the latter doesn’t exist).

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High-Performance UK Cloud Servers

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