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The Best BACKUP Solutions in the UK At The Best Price!

Website Crash Plan 101 provides practical and efficient services and also has your back no matter what. So, trust us when we say you need site backup. Here’s why:

  1. An alarming 30,000+ sites get hacked EVERY single day. Don’t compromise your website and lose sales!
  2. Many website owners fall prey to ransomware. This is a particularly terrible kind of malware which blocks content or access to a computer and demand payments in return for decryption keys. This can affect both small and large companies. So, why not be prepared?
  3. Many people accidentally delete website data or important emails. This could be you.

Though we offer daily website backup for all our web hosting customers this is internal backup to our servers, should we encounter any issues – Murphy’s law. On the other hand, you need an advanced system to backup and protect your site’s data that YOU can access easily. It only takes a single corrupt file to take down a site.

Site Backup with Awesome Features!

"Backup wins again"

Prepare for unwanted disasters with Acronis site backup available with every web hosting plan as a supplement. It’s the best online backup in the UK for websites on the market, that uses advanced technology to prevent and protect you against data loss with up to 100TB of backup space.

Relax, our backup is capable of delivering fast, reliable and efficient protection against cyber-attacks. Protect both your site and visitor’s data easily with personal or business backup and storage management. Plus, you get all these benefits:

  • Frequent Backup - on a weekly or even daily basis if you like.
  • Manage and schedule automatic backups and rest worry free.
  • Restore or replace lost files with a few clicks.
  • Site performance and analytics on website availability.
  • Secure access to data with fast data synchronisation.
  • Backup virtual machines and unlimited mobile devices.
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FAQ about UK Website backup services

  • I want more than 1TB backup is that available?

    Yes. At we know that your needs vary, that’s why we allow you to select the amount of backup you require with or without website hosting. Choose any cloud backup plan with 50 GB, 100 GB, 250 GB up to 100 TB. No matter your needs, our backup plans are as flexible as you want them to be.

  • I have been experiencing issues with the service when I use Internet Explorer 9. Is this browser supported?

    No. As of now we only support the following browsers: Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 29, Safari 5.1.7, Microsoft Edge 25, Opera 16, Mozilla Firefox 23, Safari 8 on macOS and IOS, or later versions of these browsers.

  • Am I able to back up databases like Microsoft SQL Server?

    Yes, Acronis cloud backup uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service which allows you to back up Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint in a consistent state.

    From the creation of version 4 (Acronis Agent build 12.0.1078), Acronis Backup Cloud has incorporated special backup agents for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server to activate its instance restore service.

  • Is it possible to backup databases inside VPS or virtual machines?

    Yes. Virtual machine backups are possible, provided that the Agents VMware Tools (for VMware and Hyper V, responsible for backing up virtual machines) are running on the machine.

  • Can I restrict network usage for backups?

    Yes, you can limit bandwidth in the options for each backup plan.

  • Can I recover and download files from the cloud storage?

    Yes, it is possible to browse files from previous backups and download the ones you need. However, this is not possible with backups of SQL databases, Exchange databases and system state. To browse and recover files from cloud backup:

    1. Choose the machine that was backed up.
    2. Navigate to the Recover button, Click more ways to recover, then click Download files.
    3. Be sure to enter the correct user credentials to access the machine.
    4. Navigate to the Versions, to view the time periods of backups or search to retrieve your desired list of backup files.
    5. Hit download and indicate the new location where you would like the recovered file to be saved.

*For more frequently asked web hosting questions, see’s complete web hosting FAQ.

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